Kender Magic Items

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Bag of Alarms - Tobigera
Bag of Butterflies - Stickleaf
Bag of Useless Things - Soh Whardego
bottomless pouch of holding - Earwig Lockpicker
Commiteepouchofgeniesthatcankillandhurt - TrickyGnomesCommiteeForStuffThatKills
Cursed pouch of Excuses - Uncle Trapspringer
Dreamer's Wonderful Bag of Painting - Dreamer Jingleheim
Ember's Bag of Bags - Tanaquil Furrfoot
Gnomish Pouch of Flasks - Thistledown Kendergnome
Kender Bag 'O' Stuff - Bill
Kender Bag of Talking - Zapper
Kender Pouch O' Fun - Kronin Swiftfoot
Kender Pouch of Holding - Jon Phillips
Kender Pouch Of Infinity - Jastom Mereel
Kender Pouch of Teleportation - Julin Ringfinder
Kender Pouch of the Red Dragon - Dini Dandyhunt
Magic Bean Pouch - Drauken Flameblade
Magic Pouch of Spoon Making - FeatherKnot Pebblefoot
Neverending Pouch - Lord Chaos (a.k.a Chao Lord)
Pouch of Everlasting Food - Frank Crowley
Pouch of Everything but the kitchen sink! - Cohenus the Halfling
Pouch of Gnomenclature - Random Quikfingers
Pouch of NetherItem - Doogle Bippledorf
pouch of no accusations - stephen
Pouch of Pickling - Slipshot Backflash
Pouch of Prophecies - Liggithhigle Sweetcandy
Pouch of Self Control - Topknot Thistleswitch
Pouch of taking - Kiurth Pouchgrabber
Pouch of the Kender - Insaniac
Ring Lovers Case - Kender Lore Master
Scaley Pouch - Drauken Flameblade
Spoonhanger's Neato Pouch - Spoonhanger Kickbottom
The Happy Pouch of Ferrets - Alan
The Kender bag of feed - Flop Twinkletoes
the Kender Pouch of Beasties - Solstice Bramblebug
The kender pouch of multiplication - Hairbristle thunderhop
The Kender-proof Pouch - Palin W
The Light Giving Pouch - Bendrig Mapmaker
The Magic Bags of Eternal Blue Marbles - Shentrin Burrfoot
The No-See-It Pouch - Lili Sparkfire
The Padfoot BackPack of Holding! - Nolan Ruthidord Mudskipper
The Pouch I Borrowed - Kaodi
The Pouch of Emptyness - Kipper Snifferdoo
The Wonderful Bag of Tricks - Toten Branchbender
The Wonderful Pouch of Sunshine Eternal - Rian Nettlebranch
Torn Pouch of Unlimited Holding - Timber Telltale

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