3E Creatures

Currently there are 30 creatures on the list.

D'nath (ver 1.1) [Medium-Sized Outsider (Evil)] by Akhenaten
Many a wary adventurer has met up with a demon, but when a tribe of D'nath are about, signs usually point to a greater power behind the scenes, using them as blood-bound mercenaries.
Daemon Lord [Large Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
Adapted monster of Chaos from the 2nd edition module, Chaos Spawn. 3.5 ready!
Daemuuk [Small Undead (Incorporeal)] by Phong Tran
A skeletal beast shaped like a wolf. muscles show above the exposed bones, red malevolent eyes stare unseeing. Sharp black teeth and claws gleam with there own light.
Darden's Dragon [Huge Dragon (Earth)] by Daniel Thorn
Darden's Dragon is a truly fearsome creature. Some have said that it isn't as bad as people think. You know what? They're dead.
Dark Guardian [Gargantuan Worm] by Kroin
An un-natural wormlike creature created by a forgotten ritual. Its purpose is the protect something, anything with it's life. A creature with little weaknesses, and only destroyable by a strong creature larger then itself, or an army of highly powerful warriors. Ultimatly, no one will come within 500ft of it and walk away with bragging rights.
Dark Gully Dwarf [Small Humanoid ] by Sith Lord Zinn
The Dark Gully Dwarf is to be ridiculed all across Kryn, indistinguishable from normal Gullys, it often forgets it is Evil.
Dark Knight [Large Outsider (Chaotic)] by Peter
An evil creation of a pit fiend, it lives only to destroy.
Dark Mount [Large Animal ] by David Thomas
These cave and dungeon-dwelling beasts are omnivorous scavengers. Exceedingly foul smelling and ugly, they are often used as beasts of burden by more intelligent evil creatures who can stomach their foulness.
Dashkar [Medium-size Dragon ] by Lockpick Swiftfoot
A nightblue dragon with powerful psionic powers. Note: This creature requires the Psionics Handbook. When advancing this creature, treat it if it had the psionic template (its psionic powers are based on the psionic template)
Death Dog [Medium-size Animal ] by jonathan weismann
A death dog is a dark skinned dog with 2 large feral heads and gleaming red eyes.
Death Golem [Huge Construct ] by Fizzlewig Trapspringer
A rare and frightful sight, this creature is constructed from a twisted meld of bone and flesh. This undead monster can vary greatly in appearance, but the one commonality is its blazing red eyes. Those who see a Death Golem rarely live to tell about it.
Deathwing [Large-size Magical Beast (Reptilian)] by Venger
Deathwings are intelligent, keen-eyed flying reptiles that often serve evil masters.
Deep Wolves [Large Monstrous Humanoid ] by Martin B
Deep beneath the world of sunlight roam magnificent and terrifying beasts. In this world below the light, a creature has evolved that is the ultimate predator in the world of darkness. Rarely leaving its home world, the Krylock hunts those who are unlucky enough to venture into its territory.
Deku Sprout [Small Plant (Earth)] by MagusFire
Taken from the Zelda Games!
Diglett [Tiny Outsider ] by Ben
A small mole-like creature that can cause small earthquakes.
Dirge [Large Magical Beast ] by Zach
Imagine a werewolf with bat wings. That's what it looks like. And it's bite is worse than it's bark.
Dis'alure [Medium-size Magical Beast ] by Rebecca Camire
This creature is one you don't want to mess with, unless it is alone! This creature is a plane shifting relative of the Displacer Beast, and just as harmful.
Disalure [Tiny Magical Beast (Augmented animal)] by Ana Tielka
This is a familiar crafted for Lillen Thrae, by Armitius.
Dolta [Small Humanoid ] by mike
Dolta are much like thier evil cousins kobolds, but are a little more aggresive.
Dracmar [Medium-size Magical Beast ] by Zorn
Dracmar is a Cambion semi-demon. The offspring of a Drow elf and the demon lord Baphomet. He is the first Cambion of his kind since all other Cambions are spawns of a human/demon combination.
Dracogriff [Large Magical Beast (Reptilian)] by Saera Starcatcher
You know griffons? (well, of course you do.) Dracogriffs are like griffons, except they're not part eagle, part lion - they're part dragon, part lion.
Dracon [Medium Humanoid (Reptilian)] by Jason D
A dracon is a mix between a human and a dragon. It is more powerful than it looks beacause it can breath fire.
Dracoon [Tiny Animal ] by cooldilo
A Ratlike creature that has 6 arms and arm flaps to glide, usually are found in packs or herds of 50 or more of the creatures, but younger ones have been known to join adventurers...
Dragon Golem [Large Construct ] by Steinpratt
The most powerful construct, this guy costs a lot to create. It's worth it, though.
Dragonbreath Beholder [Large Aberration ] by Ben Harris
A disgusting Beholder floats in front of you. Its mouth is elongated like a crocodiles, and its scales are bumpy and spiny. Its massive reptilian eye stares at you unblinking, and where the rest of its eyes should be is a collection of small draconic heads.
Draven [Tiny Animal ] by Dusk
Similar in size and appearance to the Raven, Dravens are predatory birds working in flocks to take down large prey, picking their bones clean.
Dread Servant [Large Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
Servants of the Dread Lords, Dread Servants come to the Material plane to gather power. 3.5 ready!
Dreck [Small Undead ] by Kipper Snifferdoo
An amorphous blob of ooze creeps toward you. It's outer skin is comprised of a nearly transparent skin and you can see soft internal organs swimming beneath the dirty surface. Two vague arm shapes raise from the blob reaching toward you.
Dune Runner [Medium-size Animal (Reptilian)] by Carl Bussler
The dune runner is commonly used by goblins, kobolds and other small beings for use as pack animals. The dune runner's ability to move silently, climb and hide also lend itself for scouting and raiding parties.
Dune Spider [Huge Animal ] by Paladin
Arachnid scourge of desert caravans, the dune spider is a predator to be feared.

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