3E Creatures

Currently there are 17 creatures on the list.

K'tarl [Medium-size Monstrous Humanoid ] by Andrew Collins (piddlestick highspringer)
K'tarl are magicly mutated wolerines, used by evil orgazations as assasins and scouts.
Kabandha [Medium-size Aberration (Earth)] by Doug Warren
Kabandha resemble burly apes with no head. Their faces are set in the center of their torso.
Katagat [Tiny Magical Beast ] by Anna M. Dobritt
A winged cat that is highly intelligent and able to communicate telepathically with whoever it wants.
Kelement [Small Elemental (Fire)] by Airellian
The Kelement is the wizard's fusion of a fire elemental and a kender, the kender being the obvious dominant trait.
Ken-vine [Medium Plant ] by Airellian
The Ken-vine is the obvious fusion of the kender and a plant. The vine's color varies, but it can always be heard before it's seen because the ken-vine is forever in motion, always swishing to and fro to stave off the boredom.
Kencky [Small Animal ] by Pittbullsoul
It's a spunky little buddy of all Kender. It's a Kender's best friend. It's doggy that Kender breed to be fearless and adventureous.
Kencycat [Large Magical Beast (Shapechanger)] by neela lightfingers
This intellegent cat-like beast has the personality of a kender, with a mean streak.
Kender [Small Humanoid Kender] by Tracy Hickman
This is Tracy Hickman's Monster Manual write-up of Kender from Dungeon Magazine issue 86. It's found in his Anvil of Time Adventure, a 3E adventure that takes players through all ages and times of Krynn. It's a facinating adventure and I highly recomend it if you can find it.
Kender Spirit [Small Undead (Incorporeal)] by Zorn
Kender Spirits are the results of a kender that was killed by an adventuring partner who couldn't take it any more.
Kender Vampire [Small Undead ] by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kender Vampires are terrible unnatural creatures from the dark domain of Ravenloft.
Kenderesti [Small-size Humanoid kender] by Sean Macdonald
Kenderesti are small sea dwelling humanoids that play among the coral reefs far in the oceans surrounding Ansalon.
Kendermouse [Diminutive Beast ] by Taryn Pickenhands (James Shipley)
The Kendermouse is a small mouse-like creature that finds and collects items which attract it's curiousity. They are named for creatures told of in legends and tales around the Nordinlands. They have the ability to goad ANYTHING into attacking in a rage.
Kendragon [Huge Dragon (Fire)] by Kipper Snifferdoo
The kendragon is a kender that as been polymorphed into an adult brass dragon. The first kendragon was Mapshaker Wanderfuss. He accidentally broke into a wizard’s home and happened upon a small magical dragon figurine. The figurine bit Mapshaker and turned the kender into a brass dragon. After three days of experiencing just how hard it was to be a dragon Mapshaker was fortunate enough to be tracked down by the wizard he borrowed the figuring from and was transformed back into a kender.
Kentaur [Medium-size Monstrous Humanoid ] by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kentaurs are sylvan creatures that resemble pygmy centaurs and live deep in the recesses of the darken wood. They have been compared to kender in that fact that they are highly curious and playful. Among the elves they are simply known as wood spirits or myths.
Klavier [Large Construct ] by Josh Nadeau
Klavier is the German word for Piano.This construct is treated as an animated object.
Knight of Sarros [Medium-size Undead ] by Robert Hamilton
Undead knight that takes his job VERY seriously.
Kr'Kah [Medium-size Monstrous Humanoid ] by Perfect Skum
Kr'Kah are a rare race. They have six eyes, are about 2 meters tall and are very strong and bulky.

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