3E Creatures

Currently there are 41 creatures on the list.

Saeguine [Medium-size Humanoid ] by AbeshRunihan
Brand new species for desert regions.
Sand Spawn [Large Elemental (Chaotic, Air, Earth)] by Ogre_Bane
Sand Spawn are evil elementals raised by the power of Chaos from the deserts of Krynn. An adapted monster from the 2nd edition module, Chaos Spawn. 3.5 ready!
Sand Worm [Colossal Magical Beast (Earth)] by Ethan Parker
Sand Worms are lethal predators of the desert lands. They feed on large animals and are fiercely terrirorial.
Sapphire Titan [Huge Giant (Cold)] by Craven
Sapphire Titan is a mythical beast from the frosty depths. It towers over the competition, and has a likeable way about him.
Scarcaun [Medium Elemental (Earth, Fire, Water)] by Vanaavarian Stargazer
Hound-like, Great Dane size, comes in silver, black, harlequin, brown, blood red, grey and black, any combination. Hooved, always black wings.
Scarecrow Child [Small Undead ] by Sean Macdonald
In some farmsteads there is a wives tale about the scarecrow child. They believe its the spirit of a child that died while working the fields. Deprived of the simple joys of a child's life it's spirit returns to inflict terror on the family that forced it into hard labor.
Scavenger Spawn [Medium-size Undead ] by Ogre_Bane
An undead flying scavenger that harasses desert travelers. An adapted monster from the 2nd edition module, Chaos Spawn. 3.5 ready!
Scissorhand [Large Aberration (Reptilian)] by Matt
The mad elven wizard Quariil created many unusual creatures in his time, one of which is the scissorhand. Designed to be the ultimate guard for hordes of magical items, these creatures have since spread all across the land. Since they reproduce asexually they are multiplying at an alarming rate.
Scoutbot [Large Construct ] by William M. Vetor
The scoutbot's fuselage is shaped like a flat cigar, wider at its front end and tapering off at the rear. A airfoil is mounted on the rear. The front is mounted with a single plasma net cannon, and a swivel Laser Eye Beam turrent is mounted on the bottom.
Shade [Medium-size Aberration (Air)] by Peregrine
A shimmering bluish-grey aberration of human size, almost invisible. Its evil nature is apparent to even the least peceptive. It seeks ultimately the souls of humans and humanoids to feed on.
Shadow Griffon [Tiny Magical Beast ] by Tashen
A one of a kind creature, created by Raistlin Majere for use as a familiar.
Shadow Guardian [Large Magical Beast ] by Rasmus
A large slumbering beast looks towards you its legs resemle those of a small elephant just wit claws it doesn't have any neck or any facial features except for a large mouth covered with daggerlike teeth.
Shadow Lurker [Small Magical Beast (Shadow)] by Krevnik
Small, fast, and annoying. These are the minions from the Shadow Plane that make great minor monsters in an Oriental Adventures campaign.
Shadow Wolf [Medium Magical Beast (Shapechanger)] by Rex
An enormous were wolf shaped shadow.
Shadowmeld [Medium-size Undead (Incorporeal, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
These are evil creatures the thrive in the Plane of Shadow seeking people to possess and travel to the material plane. 3.5 ready!
Shane [Medium-size Monstrous Humanoid ] by Mike Johnson
A humanoid of disgusting nature, when not being shunned they find solace in the company of the rest of the nerdery. Tall, heavy, dumb, abd ugly the shane is a grunt used for battle. They aren't clever and go into battle headlong.
Shirat [Diminutive Animal ] by Theik
For every Kender that had trouble getting the nice shiny object behind the metal bars a trained Shirat would be the solution.
Shirr'aak [Large Humanoid (Shapechanger)] by Adan Brackenbury
The Shirr'aak are violent cat like creatures. They stand as tall as elves and are covered in different coloured fur and they always have black stripes. They wear leather leggings but never wear any thing on their chest. They have long spiked hair and long fangs and claws. They are violent but loyal. They are usually neutral but can go to either side.
Shock Dog [Small Magical Beast (Electricity)] by Bobby
A black or tan dog with small amounts of electricity jolting out its body randomly.
Shrieking Wolf [Large Magical Beast ] by Ogre_Bane
This large wolf-like creature stalks towards you with red glowing eyes and a coat of coarse gray fur. It seems to look like a worg except for the unnatural silence that surrounds it as it approaches you.
Shy Man [Medium-size Outsider (Evil)] by The Knight of Ravens
The Shy Men are the result of the soul-twisting magics of the Lords of Nightmare. Those souls taken by the Stealer Drones (q.v.) are converted by the Lords into these nearly mindless creatures. The Shy Men serve as the lowest rung of the Nightmare Armies, a nearly limitless horde of cannon fodder.
Siand [Large Dragon (Earth)] by Karitasia_Daggerthief
The beast is fearsome and wild,obeying no-one not of its own choosing.It is fearless and powerful!
Silver Golem [Large Construct ] by D. Joseph Zimmer
The Silver Golem is an extremely tough combatent, a match for any steel golem.
Siriyen [Medium Outsider (Angel, Aquatic, Lawful)] by Matt
A very beautiful creature with long flowing blonde hair that is down to his ankles. It has intelligent eyes that seem to pierce whoever they look at. They usually wear a cloak to hide their ethereal appearance.
Sisath [Small Monstrous Humanoid] by Serious Chilla
This cat-like creature is extremely fast and can defeat even the toughest of the guard. It moves with amazing grace and mobility. When it jumps it looks like it is flying.
Sith Prionna-fuadain [Medium Fey] by Dylan Pedersen
A fey creature of unimaginable power in it's true home, outside in the planes, this prince-in-exile is still a beast to be reckoned with.
Skeenok [Medium Aberration (Air)] by Al K.
Skeenoks appear to be black-furred, winged, ape-like creatures, with eyes that flash an eerie greenish colorin the dark. Their wings are batlike and membranous, and their hindfeet sport wicked claws.
Skeltar [Medium-size Undead ] by craig austin
skeltars are the undead remnants of an evil seafaring guild of sorcerers. they think of nothing less than piracy and looting as they did in life. many sailors have been recruited into there undead crews so sailors are terrified of them. many sailors have jumped overboard to avoid the terror of the high seas known as the skeltars.
Skitterling [Medium-size Outsider (Evil)] by Chris Heismann
Creatures from the Abyss, Skitterlings are usually summoned as the shock troops of powerful Demonologists. Their glittering black exoskeleton almost glows with a faint magic aura.
Skunkbear [Large Beast ] by Dusk
A cross between a skunk and a grizzly, this malodorous carnivore incapacitates its prey with its spray and proceeds to devour.
Slimmtyrans [Large Humanoid ] by Milo Greenbottle
Like a troglodyte but nicer to humans, kender, and all other humanoids. They are usually the color of their surroundings, in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans.
Snikerdoo [Small Fey ] by steelepaw
Snikerdoo's have been called kender with magic. Not true, however. They are kender-like but are much more serious minded. They know that their magic is deadly. But they like to joke. They have the look of little wizend old people
Soth Beast [Large Magical Beast (Extraplanar)] by Ana Tielka
A very tall and elegant creature, but not the kind you want to pet. Usually very diplomatic, but have been known to become the mount of a blackguard. These creatures are not to be trusted under any circumstance.
Spider-kin [Fine Vermin ] by Peter
A tiny black spider with the extraordinary ability to hide almost anywhere, the Spider-kin will be a hard enemy to spot in dark areas.
Spirit Linker [Medium-size Shapechanger ] by Zach
These creatures will take your body and soul. Literally!
Squidlarkin [Medium-size Aberration ] by Unknown
The Squidlarkin are a race of deformed outcasts of the Illithid race.
Squig [Small Aberration ] by Gimzig.
Squig is the short form of the word, squiggly beast
Stillness [Medium Outsider (Shapechanger)] by Megatron
Blood blackend and trembling this lean man-shaped beast walks toward ye. It has neither mouth nor eyes, just dagger-long claws on the ends of it's too long arms. Dark foot prints chase behind it's dripping mass.
Storm Golem [Huge Construct ] by Sean Hoy
STORMY!!! This prodigious golem smashes all in its way, leaving less than dust in its wake.
SuperFond [Small Plant ] by Ghostbuster Lillypad
A large frondlike plant, dubbed 'Superfrond'. A little animal and a little plant, its very agressive and will always attack anyone within its reach.
Surprise Elemental Medium [Medium Elemental (Air, Extraplanar, Sonic)] by Spycer Davian
Before you stands a swirlling cloud of translucent air, completely silent, comletely still, as if waiting for something.

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