3E Creatures

Currently there are 23 creatures on the list.

Gar-Karai [Large Humanoid ] by Andrew Curtin
The servants of the evil Shadar. The wrath of the Shadow Lord incarnate. The Gar-Karai are a race of monstrous creatures whose single purpose is to crush the enemies of the shadow. Since the fall of Faerun, the Gar-Karai are everywhere, looking for the last pockets of resistance and ruthlessly eliminating them.
Gargoyle [Large Giant ] by Mark Schmit
They are large and have bat like wings and they normally won't be hastile unless provoked. They have different looks, such as horns or larger teeth, and range in different colors.
Gau [Large Aberration ] by Tobigera
A most bizzare creature, the Gau is large, dangerous and very quick to anger. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, STAND IN FRONT OF IT.
Gaunt Flyer [Medium-size Outsider (Evil)] by The Knight of Ravens
It is believed that when the Lords of Nightmare saw the vast aerial fleets of the people of Wyctil, they realized that they would need a flying skirmisher with a bit more intelligence than the Shy Man and Fire Mask to properly attack. Thus, they altered the soul-twisting mgics that created the lesser creatures and created the Gaunt Flyers. While the Gaunt Flyers are considered a success, the granting of greater intelligence gives them a greater sense of self that sometimes causes them to go berserk when the realization of the abominations they have become hits them.
Gekofolk [Diminutive Humanoid Lizard] by David Allan Finch
Gekofolk live in the Jungles of NewGallo. They are friendly but very secretive. They where once the eyes of the Grey Elves that ruled the land. They now just keep out of everyones way.
Ghillie Dhu [Small Fey (Earth, Shapechanger, Water)] by Parma Thalion
Small flying fairy creature. Loves trees and despises humans. She will protect birches ferociously.
Giant Bee [Medium-size Vermin ] by Kipper Snifferdoo
The Giant Bee was bred by a beekeeper as vengeance for all bees that died at the hands of frightened humanoids. Instead of finding nectar for the hive, it stings any humanoid that has killed a bee and does its best to kill it, and brings the carcass to the hive for its fellows to eat.
Giant Fire-breathing Puppy [Large Magical Beast (Fire)] by Belegwen Lightningblade
It's big! It's mean (well, not really)! It's cute! It's a Giant Fire-breathing Puppy! It's a nice, difficult-to-kill, sweet-tempered creature to throw at a party that likes to laugh. It's a running gag in all of my campaigns.
Giant Hamster [Small Animal ] by Kipper Snifferdoo
Giant Hamster are the perfect kender pet. They are hamsters the size of a dog and are faithful and obediant pets to the kender that raise them.
Giant Slug [Gargantuan Magical Beast ] by Sean Hoy
This giant slug loves to munch on everything from rats to a party of adventurers.
Giga Hulk [Huge Aberration ] by Kobrakin
Once beleived to simply be abnormally large Umber Hulks, the Giga Hulk is, in fact, a closely related but seperate specie.
Goatsucker [Tiny Animal ] by Kipper Snifferdoo
The Goatsucker is a small-sized avain, nocturnal bird found in temperate and tropical regions.
Gold Man [Large Construct ] by Venger
The gold man is a strange golem-type creature made entirely of solid gold. Nobody knows where they came from or who would be silly (or rich) enough to make a solid gold golem. Adventurers tend to seek out gold men to fight if they need a lot of gold to buy fancy and powerful weapons or armor.
Gorlenzu [Medium-size Outsider ] by Svartlock
Part of the Baatezu army, the extremely intelligent and powerful Gorlenzu hold the high ranks among the foot soldiers of the dvil armies. Nothing comes before the order of the Baatezu War Machine...
Gorrith [Huge Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
The Gorrith is one of the commanders of the legions of the Abyss. A hand maiden of Takhisis. 3.5 ready!
Granite Dragon [Colossal Dragon (Earth)] by Richard Ronalstede
A colossal dragon of stone stands before you, where he was not before. His scales look like granite, and his body moves like liquid rock. Extending well over four hundred feet, this dragon is hard to miss, unless the observer is in a very rocky region. The dragon is known as the Earth Dragon by the dwarves. This dragon also has a tendency to be very agitated if it sees dwarves, why is unknown, but many believe that it is do to the fact that dwarves are earth burrowers, this dragons suppsed home.
Grappler [Medium-size Monstrous Humanoid ] by Tobigera
Graplers are burrowing creatures that are especially good at, you guessed it, grappling. They make great guards as well.
Gratto [Medium-size Magical Beast (Reptilian)] by Eric Peotto
Lizard like creature found in warm-hot areas. Strong, fast, and a demonic hunter. When A Gratto is found death is found nearby, for these creatures are forged from death itself.
Great Silver Dragon [Colossal Dragon ] by Silvarin an'Kirith
Huge, 500 foot long Silver Dragon
Greater Cherngai [Large Outsider (Chaotic)] by Doug Warren
A semi-intelligent fungal life form intent on the destruction of all humanoid life.
Greater Mummy [Medium-size Undead ] by Robert Ward
Greater mummies, like their lesser counterparts, are preserved corpses that have been animated by dark gods.
Greater Vargouille [Medium-size Outsider (Chaotic)] by Robotron666
The Greater Vargouille is a demonic outsider, called a grandmother gouille by many demonologists. This creature is drawn to areas where there is an intense aura of death or suffering (graveyards or cities suffering plagues). Once it settles an area it begins to spawn Vargouille minions by accosting and infecting human or demihuman prey. It uses it's wiles and it's ability to take on the form of a maiden to lure its prey.

Guardian [Large Construct ] by Gerald O'Grady
A Guardian is a large stone construct, built specifically for guarding passageways, entrances or other areas as desired by the creator. Built with a single purpose, it is perhaps one of the most effective protections as it cannot be bribed, cajoled or coerced.

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