3E Creatures

Currently there are 21 creatures on the list.

Cave Crawler [Large Aberration ] by Ogre_Bane
This odd insect-like creature resembles a large beetle with no eyes, two large antennas, four legs and two claws with wicked barbs on the end. It crawls over the ground and walls quickly, clicking the large mandibles on its mouth as it rushes towards you.
Cavern Slime [Huge Ooze ] by Ogre_Bane
This huge blue slime slithers towards you as two large psuedopods raise up from its amorphous body. An aura of chill radiates from the creature.
Cedar Spawn [Large Plant (Chaotic)] by Ogre_Bane
Evil cedar trees that have been corrupted by the power of Chaos. Adapted monster of Chaos from the 2nd edition module, Chaos Spawn. 3.5 ready!
Centragoon [Large Monstrous Humanoid ] by MCMan
A Centragoon is a creature that looks mostly like a centaur with two dragon wings that sprout from it's human shoulders. It also has pointed ears and a long scaly dragon tail behind it. Each of it's fingers have long sharp nails and dragon feet instead of hooves. Centragoon's usually have green or yellow eyes.
Changeling [Medium Humanoid (Magical)] by Tobigera
Contrary to popular belief, fairies are actually devious little creatures. Sometimes, a fairy will switch a mortal baby for one of its own. These babies are raised in the fairy relm and become quazi-magical beings.
Chaos Golem [Large Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
Large fighters of the Legions of Chaos that serve as shock troops. 3.5 ready!
Chaos Knight [Medium-size Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
The foot soldiers of the Legion of Chaos. 3.5 ready!
Cheese Dragon [Colossal Dragon ] by Wyrbender Dragonfire
A memory from the Age of Dreams, one of the most exciting Dragon's ever known to Kender, and one of the most....dead. Beasts of magic, created from that power that created all things. And created...out of cheese.
Cherngai [Medium-size Outsider (Chaotic)] by Doug Warren
A semi-intelligent fungal lifeform intent on the destrustion of all humanoid life.
Chi [Tiny Fey (Air)] by Roan Ashhearth
The kenders ideal pet!
Children of Takhisis [Large Outsider (Evil)] by Nagash Galbados
Demons from a different part of the Universe, the Children of Takhisis have appeared shortly after the War of Souls to find a way to ressurect Takhisis.
Chiropterin [Medium-size Humanoid bat] by Tobigera
You could call it a vampire, except it isn't undead, though there's not much of a difference. All that that means is you won't be gripped with fear and can run (not that it will help you escape)
Chunter [Large Monstrous Humanoid (Reptillian)] by Cameron Hunter
A scaley blue looking minataur with a tail and sharp claws. It has open nose holes to smell from, and stands tall at 8 feet.
Clockwork Kender [Small Construct ] by Martin B
A guardian golem with kender-like charm.
Clot Golem [Large Construct ] by Dan Hemsath
Clot is a minion of the evil Elven lich, KaleJaegrimm. Jaegrimm has plans to reproduce Clot for mass use, after he decimated over 100 troglodytes with him. Clot utilizes the powers of gravity and magnetism to provide him the strength of his opponents, through their own blood.
Clutch Wallcrawler [Medium-size Aberration ] by Matt Tougas
The bane of most dungeon crawlers, Clutch Wallcrawlers feircly protect their territory and/or their master's treasures. With the ability to scurry about on walls and ceilings, wallcrawlers protect their territory by simply picking them up and moving them away. Clutch Wallcrawlers were originally seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Cobblestone Golem [Large Construct (Earth)] by Majin Kani
It is a huge construct made up entirely out of cobblestones.
Coralyntheix (sea dragon) [Huge Dragon (Water)] by Ogre_Bane
A mature sea dragon that protects an ancient sea cave. 3.5 ready!
Creep [Small Undead ] by Sean Macdonald
The kender before you has a grey-green skin stretched tight across its bony frame. It has two red lights deep within its eye sockets and moves with an unnerving gracefulness.
Crypt Fiend [Large Outsider (Chaotic, Evil, Extraplanar)] by Ogre_Bane
Demons that spawn undead from their touch. 3.5 ready!
Crystal Bird [Fine Construct ] by Me
A nasty crystal construct.

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