The magic harp of Hypnotism
donated by Lola Lah-lah

A normal lyre, back-pack size. Kender are always curious when they first see it
and immediately strum it, which releases them from the spell. when you strum it
it makes a beautiful, magic sounding..."twingle."

History: Like the bag of feed, it was found with some more items (to be donated later
when I find their purpose) in an airtight box that washed up on the shore of the
white rage river. Nothing is known about it's history, but a faded word is
carved on the side, and after killing your eyes you san barely read the word:
"Masamage" in writing that looks like it's filled with light from all three

How it Works: It hypnotizes whomever is nearbye when strummed, they beacome servants (not
zombies, they actully still have brains when hypnotized) until the harp is
strummed again by the same person. It can also be used as a pied piper type
thing, depending on the position of a knob on top. Also it can be used normally,
but little twinkles always flash from where it was strummed.

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