Flute of Banana Summoning
donated by Ulf Spring-Thing

Well, can't you see? It looks like a beautiful flute with a gem (not a real gem, because it's not worth anything) And you can see wood in it if you look inside the holes.

History: It began when Dough NightWalker, a kender who liked bananas, broke his legs. Unable to climb tress anymore, he was terribly sad because he couldn't get bananas (his favorite food). Then, one day, he met a white robe mage and he asked him if he could try something to help him get bananas again. The wizard, who was a little bit crazy, made a flute and then put magic in it... to summon bananas !!! But the kender lost it and I don't know how but the flute ended up in my pocket (I REALLY don't know how...)

How it Works: When you play the flute beautiful music pours forth from it. The more beautiful music you play, the larger the bannon you can summon. Funny no...? Of course, you have to like bananas... Well, I have to go, someone is trying to take me to the nearest prison, even if tomorrow, I 'll be out...

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