the Dust of Transformation
donated by Thornn Bramblebug

the Dust of Transformation is a fine red powder that tastes a lot like paprika. It is contained in a Vial of Stopperedness. It is labeled "Eat me. This means you.".

History: Gilean made this Dust when he was bored one day. He gathered up some dust from the red moon (without Lunitari's permission, of course) and cast a mighty spell over it that nobody's quite figured out yet. He put it into the Vial for safekeeping and then forgot all about it.

How it Works: The Dust of Transformation instantly turns the victim into whatever animal their personality most resembles. It is used by getting the victim to inhale or consume some of the Dust. For instance, Caramon might be a big bear. Goldmoon would be an owl or some such.

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