donated by Jubilee Wanderdust

What does it look like? Wanderdust is a soft, sparkly, shimmering poweder. It's sort of like pixie dust, only different. It is snow-white in color.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? Long ago, a happy kender village was visited by a mage. This mage, for whatever reason, had become furious with a kender and decided to punish the whole village. He stole their wanderlust, their ability to "find" things, he took their entire wonderful personality, ground it to a fine powder, and hurled it to the ends of the earth. Fortunatly, a mother and her tiny baby were spared. When Clover Luckyleaf grew up, he journeyed to the ends of the earth and retrieved the wanderdust. Back at home, he invited all the villagers to a party. He added the wanderdust to the punch and served it to the guests, restoring the kender to their cheerfull and interesting people they once were. Clover Luckyleaf then became known as Clover Wanderdust. The magical Wanderdust has been passed down through the generations of the Wanderdust family and is a key ingrediant to the drink, Kender Kool-Aid.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? When Wanderdust is ingested by a normal kender with his/her personality intact, it will keep that person cool for hours, even in hot weather. To most non-kenders, Wanderdust will create a sudden compulsion to "borrow." They will feel very cheerful and curious, often wandering off to look at something interesting and losing their path. They may become so engrossed in whatever they find interesting, that they will forget what they had been doing or planning. They could find themslves wandering around for no apparent reason. The non-kender also may babble on and on about some past experience or story in a very kender-like manner.

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