Red Dust of Detect thei... Handlers
donated by Julin Ringfinder

Red dust of detecting thei.... Handlers is contained in
a red satin pouch matching the shade of the dust. The red
dust itself appears to be ordinary dust or sand to the
casual eye. But intense scruntiny reveals that inside
there are small shiny fragments of some mineral.

History: Made in the age of dragons it's exact history is not
known, but it is rumored to have been created by a wizard
who was frustrated by the disappearence of his items when
he came into contact with kenders. But little did he know
that this dust would create a "dreaded" epidemic in
Kendermore. After days of research and casting five pouches
of this dust was created. The wizard then spinkled it
on to his items which seemed to absorb it. The next kender
who stole... I mean borrowed it had his hands turn red as
the magical dust. Thus the wizard exactly which kender
borrowed it. But this soon backfired during a trip through
kendermoore. The dust was enchanted to turn anyones hand's
red who stole... borrowed the item that absorbed the dust.
So when a kender borrowed his spellbook(he was going to give
it back) his hands turned red. Later another kender thought
it looked interesting and so he borrowed it from the first
kender, which turned his hands red etc. And so in a matter of
days the red-handed epidemic hit every Resident of
Kendermoore. Thus the saying "you been cuaght red-handed"
was created. Realizing his error the mage dispelled the
enchantment(much to the dismay of the kender). And so
the story become a popular one thoughout Krynn. I, Julin or
Dulin Ringfinder was givin one of the five bags of Red dust
by Black Robe Wizard on the terms that I would lezve him alone.
Funny thing though,I can't get it to work right.........

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