(Insane) Dream Dust
donated by Insane Dream

This very nifty and special dust looks really sparkly
(all the pretty colors!) and is usually kept in pouches,
otherwise it would spill all over the place!

History: Well, I um...accidentally...made it when travelling.
I had just seen Mr. Sandman and he gave me a pouch of regular
dreamdust (then he ran away screaming). Of course, I had
just hung it on my magical hoopak (more on that later), and
all of a sudden!...A HUGE EXPLOSION ROCKED THE TOWN!...well,
not a very BIG explosion, per se, but, it was an explosion...

How it Works: If you sprinkle some on a waking person, it will cause them
to fall into a deep slumber. If you sprinkle it on a sleeping
person, however, its real nifty and spiffy magic come in.
The person has the WIERDEST dreams, and they remember it all.
This is a favorite for kender, for because at the end of a
nap when using this, they will wake up doubly refreshed
because of the insane dreaming qualities.

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