Tango, the cougar-stone
donated by Dreamer Jingleheim

his is just a green stone in its normal form. In his cougar form, Tango is a rather large, but otherwise typical-looking cougar.

History: I found this rock after I lost my sithak when I was running from a band of marauding draconians. I grabbed it and threw it at the draconians, and it turned into a cougar and slew them all! Tango's my bestest friend now. I named him Tango because he seems to like it.

How it Works: When this rock is thrown, it turns into a full-grown cougar on impact! Tango has maximum hit points for a cougar, and all his natural attacks are magical (to the tune of +2). He's also a good friend, and he likes to nuzzle me. He's very playful.

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