(Insane) Dream Dust
donated by Insane Dream

This very nifty and special dust looks really sparkly
(all the pretty colors!) and is usually kept in pouches,
otherwise it would spill all over the place!

History: Well, I um...accidentally...made it when travelling.
I had just seen Mr. Sandman and he gave me a pouch of regular
dreamdust (then he ran away screaming). Of course, I had
just hung it on my magical hoopak (more on that later), and
all of a sudden!...A HUGE EXPLOSION ROCKED THE TOWN!...well,
not a very BIG explosion, per se, but, it was an explosion...

How it Works: If you sprinkle some on a waking person, it will cause them
to fall into a deep slumber. If you sprinkle it on a sleeping
person, however, its real nifty and spiffy magic come in.
The person has the WIERDEST dreams, and they remember it all.
This is a favorite for kender, for because at the end of a
nap when using this, they will wake up doubly refreshed
because of the insane dreaming qualities.

Magic Powder of Magical Things
donated by Swiftfingers Nimblespoon

What does it look like?

It is in a normal sandy brown pouch with really soft leather
handle. Inside the powder is aquamarinish colorish with some
purpleish gains.

History: Who made it? How did you find it?

There was a scap of really, really, really old paper (by the
looks of it) and on the paper a funny looking writting on it.
I looked in MY pouch and pulled out a pair of Read Any
Language glasses ( I wonder were I got those, I'll have to
return them when I finish telling you this) well any way, I
read the parchment and it was created Raistlin, you know
the Master of Past and Present, in the light (what light?)
of Nuitari, the black moon, in the Shoikan Grove.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?

The parchment said that it can turn any thing to stone.
You just spinkle it on the thing that you want to be stone.
I know it works because I turned my dinner to stone, a bird,
and one of my friends because she wanted to know what it is
like being a statue.

Red Dust of Detect thei... Handlers
donated by Julin Ringfinder

Red dust of detecting thei.... Handlers is contained in
a red satin pouch matching the shade of the dust. The red
dust itself appears to be ordinary dust or sand to the
casual eye. But intense scruntiny reveals that inside
there are small shiny fragments of some mineral.

History: Made in the age of dragons it's exact history is not
known, but it is rumored to have been created by a wizard
who was frustrated by the disappearence of his items when
he came into contact with kenders. But little did he know
that this dust would create a "dreaded" epidemic in
Kendermore. After days of research and casting five pouches
of this dust was created. The wizard then spinkled it
on to his items which seemed to absorb it. The next kender
who stole... I mean borrowed it had his hands turn red as
the magical dust. Thus the wizard exactly which kender
borrowed it. But this soon backfired during a trip through
kendermoore. The dust was enchanted to turn anyones hand's
red who stole... borrowed the item that absorbed the dust.
So when a kender borrowed his spellbook(he was going to give
it back) his hands turned red. Later another kender thought
it looked interesting and so he borrowed it from the first
kender, which turned his hands red etc. And so in a matter of
days the red-handed epidemic hit every Resident of
Kendermoore. Thus the saying "you been cuaght red-handed"
was created. Realizing his error the mage dispelled the
enchantment(much to the dismay of the kender). And so
the story become a popular one thoughout Krynn. I, Julin or
Dulin Ringfinder was givin one of the five bags of Red dust
by Black Robe Wizard on the terms that I would lezve him alone.
Funny thing though,I can't get it to work right.........

How it Works:

Ritarna's Chocolate Spice
donated by Quicksilver Lockpicker

What does it look like? It's a brown powder with gold specks.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? It was a gift from a lovely bard named Ritarna who Quicksilver met in Palanthas.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? Sprinkle it on any type of food and it makes the food taste like chocolate.

Shimmering PixyDust
donated by Fizban PixyDust

Silvery powder, there is also some gold and blue mixed in. Is carried in a glass sphere with a cork in the top.

History: This Dust is a type called: Athropis Flashes Explodus. The fairy people invented it, and It is used mostly by the Atomie family of fairys. They gave it to Fizban PixyDust cause he is their freind.

How it Works: THe dust works in many ways, you can feed it to someone, And BOOM!!! there goes their teeth, but the main use is to throw the glass spherre and when it shatters.............


Tango, the cougar-stone
donated by Dreamer Jingleheim

his is just a green stone in its normal form. In his cougar form, Tango is a rather large, but otherwise typical-looking cougar.

History: I found this rock after I lost my sithak when I was running from a band of marauding draconians. I grabbed it and threw it at the draconians, and it turned into a cougar and slew them all! Tango's my bestest friend now. I named him Tango because he seems to like it.

How it Works: When this rock is thrown, it turns into a full-grown cougar on impact! Tango has maximum hit points for a cougar, and all his natural attacks are magical (to the tune of +2). He's also a good friend, and he likes to nuzzle me. He's very playful.

the Dust of Transformation
donated by Thornn Bramblebug

the Dust of Transformation is a fine red powder that tastes a lot like paprika. It is contained in a Vial of Stopperedness. It is labeled "Eat me. This means you.".

History: Gilean made this Dust when he was bored one day. He gathered up some dust from the red moon (without Lunitari's permission, of course) and cast a mighty spell over it that nobody's quite figured out yet. He put it into the Vial for safekeeping and then forgot all about it.

How it Works: The Dust of Transformation instantly turns the victim into whatever animal their personality most resembles. It is used by getting the victim to inhale or consume some of the Dust. For instance, Caramon might be a big bear. Goldmoon would be an owl or some such.

donated by Jubilee Wanderdust

What does it look like? Wanderdust is a soft, sparkly, shimmering poweder. It's sort of like pixie dust, only different. It is snow-white in color.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? Long ago, a happy kender village was visited by a mage. This mage, for whatever reason, had become furious with a kender and decided to punish the whole village. He stole their wanderlust, their ability to "find" things, he took their entire wonderful personality, ground it to a fine powder, and hurled it to the ends of the earth. Fortunatly, a mother and her tiny baby were spared. When Clover Luckyleaf grew up, he journeyed to the ends of the earth and retrieved the wanderdust. Back at home, he invited all the villagers to a party. He added the wanderdust to the punch and served it to the guests, restoring the kender to their cheerfull and interesting people they once were. Clover Luckyleaf then became known as Clover Wanderdust. The magical Wanderdust has been passed down through the generations of the Wanderdust family and is a key ingrediant to the drink, Kender Kool-Aid.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? When Wanderdust is ingested by a normal kender with his/her personality intact, it will keep that person cool for hours, even in hot weather. To most non-kenders, Wanderdust will create a sudden compulsion to "borrow." They will feel very cheerful and curious, often wandering off to look at something interesting and losing their path. They may become so engrossed in whatever they find interesting, that they will forget what they had been doing or planning. They could find themslves wandering around for no apparent reason. The non-kender also may babble on and on about some past experience or story in a very kender-like manner.

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