donated by Wyrbender

Two, handsized, grey, similiar shaped, igneous stones.

History: Was discovered by one very intelligent Gullydwarf named Bumkin when he saw a rat, and picks up a stone to hunt it with...then he saw two rats (actually two, not a gullydwarf "two") and picked up a second stone. Bumkin kinda got depressedwhen the rats didn't hang around to be slain, he slumped his arms dejectadly, accidently slamming the two rocks together, creating a surprising sound. Getting carried away, he started bashing the rocks together until his finger got between them, at which point he started hopping up and down yelling in pain. (Thus inventing the first gullydwarf music, dance, and song)

How it Works: Makes a harmonic sound when clashed together. If right stones are found, can also make a light show by setting the gullydwarf musician on fire, from the sparks created.

Bat of Power
donated by jesterjoe20

This is a baseball bat with wings. It is all black, so to the typical gully dwarf it looks like a bat(animal).

History: A twisted, insane black robe named Rratt(R-at) was always being chased by gully dwarves thinking his name meant he was a rat. So to get rid of them, he made this.

How it Works: When a gully dwarf sees it, they immediatly try to eat it and if they do then it deposits a poison in the gully dwarf that makes it more intelligent and lets them know that just because a person is named "Rat" doesn't mean that they are a rat!!

donated by Peregrin Lightongue

It looks like a little horn, possibly from a goat.

History: I don't knowhow it was made, or what a camel is even. I heard a camel was a stange looking monster from another world that likes to spit at people for no reason whatsoever. I imagine it came from that realm.

How it Works: When you blow into the horn, it makes the most wonderfully obnoxious noise!! It sounds like a donkey being cut in half with a gnomish rotatingsawonachainthing. (A gnome I know named GilardIhatedonkeysandhorsesandmul esandsuchcritters actually tested it out. It was quite messy, but it does sound just like the Camel-Call.)

Flute of Banana Summoning
donated by Ulf Spring-Thing

Well, can't you see? It looks like a beautiful flute with a gem (not a real gem, because it's not worth anything) And you can see wood in it if you look inside the holes.

History: It began when Dough NightWalker, a kender who liked bananas, broke his legs. Unable to climb tress anymore, he was terribly sad because he couldn't get bananas (his favorite food). Then, one day, he met a white robe mage and he asked him if he could try something to help him get bananas again. The wizard, who was a little bit crazy, made a flute and then put magic in it... to summon bananas !!! But the kender lost it and I don't know how but the flute ended up in my pocket (I REALLY don't know how...)

How it Works: When you play the flute beautiful music pours forth from it. The more beautiful music you play, the larger the bannon you can summon. Funny no...? Of course, you have to like bananas... Well, I have to go, someone is trying to take me to the nearest prison, even if tomorrow, I 'll be out...

Flute of Charm
donated by lsr

The Flute of Charm is a silver flute with small golden hearts painted. Sometimes is called the Charisma Flute because its magical powers

History: The Flute of Charm was made by Lina, a evil mermaid sorceress. Lina used aquatic silver and some natural paint to make the flute; after that, she enchanted it with some charming spells. Lina used the flute to charm humans and elves and drown them.

How it Works: When a song is played with the Flute of Charm, every human or elf nearby must make a will check (DC 26)or be charmed for 5d6 rounds

Flute of Kender Attraction
donated by Corynna Skylark

The Flute of Kender Attraction is a silver and platinum mixed flute. Dangling from the footjoint are three wooden charms. One is a small, kender-shaped charm. The second is a hoopak, and the third is a face laughing maniacally.

History: No one knows where this item came from, though stories claim that Chaos Himself, before being contained in the Graygem, created the item as a joke against Ansalon and the other gods.

How it Works: When played, the flute attracts all kender within hearing distance. If there are no kender in the area, the flute will magically summon the number of kender equal to 4 + character's wisdom modifier, at which point all the kender will begin telling stories. If the kender are not gotten rid of within 1d5 rounds (non-attack), all characters in the party will be missing three random items and their underwear.

Flute of Revulsion
donated by Cebo Horseshoe

ordinary steel flute

History: it was found in a pile of loot that was horded by Dali Rah, successor to Lloth, or something goddess like.

How it Works: when played, it causes others to want to run away or do anything to stop the kender from continuing to play it

Flute of the Tea-pot dance
donated by Abrya Treesinger

Simple! It's a pink flute, carved out of... Um... A Mammoth tusk!

History: Okay, I got this flute from a pirate. Well, actually... He dropped it outside of an Inn. And I picked it up. I looked all over for him to give it back, but he was really drunk and wandered off somewhere.

How it Works: When you play this flute. Anyone in the space of two feet starts to dance and sing. You know how it goes... I'm a little tea-pot short and stout! ::giggles::

Hairpin of Tuning
donated by Kipper Snifferdoo

It appears to be a metal hairpin painted bright red.

History: It was created by a red mage who fell in love with a bard. The Singer often complained that it was difficult to always find the proper note when singing. So he created the hairpin of tuning to assist her in finding the proper note.

How it Works: The Hairpin of tuning, works much like a small tuning fork. If struck it will emit a crystal clear note of perfect pitch.

On a side note, the Hairpin of Tuning can be used to Open Locks with a +5% added for success. If opening the lock is unsuccessful the Hairpin emits a horrible highpitched ring for one round, that can be heard in a radius of 100 ft.

Harp of Disgustingly Bawdy Songs
donated by Farswiggle Dropfoot

An elaborately decorated and gilded harp, shaped as a scantily clad female in a suggestive position.

History: Made by an extremely perverse bard with a penchant for foul language, I happened to pick it up when he was ran out of Caergoth.

How it Works: When commanded, the harp will play extremely provocative songs guaranteed to make a lass blush.

Juniper's Magic Flute of Calling
donated by Juniper Berrybane

Looks like an ordinary shepherds pipe, exept for nifty magic-type writing all around it.

History: It was made by a disgruntled shepherdess who was tired of losing her sheep. She asked her sister, a white robed mage, to make her something that would help her. The mage enchanted the shepherdess's pipe so that the sound would be irresistable. It was given to me by one of her children who was tired of being called in such a way.

How it Works: When played (and it can be played by even the tone-deaf), it will call whoever or whatever the player wants. All the player has to do is form a picture of wanted person/animal/item in thier mind and it will appear within five minutes.

Kender Bongo of Amazing Power
donated by Fizban Trapspringer

It is a bongo, but glows with a bright green light.

History: It came from Istar. It was made by a kender drum seller, who tricked the Kingpriest into enchanting it. Many kender utilized it's incredible power making themselves strangly popular. It was lost when Istar wasa destroyed, but many kender still search for it in the blood sea. It has never been recovered. Ever. It has never been seen since the Cataclysm and many believe it is just a legend.

How it Works: If succesful it will permanently raise a kender's Charisma by 1d2 points(WOW!) But it doesnt come w/out flaws. there is a 65% chance of failure with a -5% bonus per level of user. After it is used it is unusable by that kender forever. Also any other unfortunate kender who shares the same name as one who used it, recieves a -20% penalty when trying to use this bongo. To use a kender just pounds on it loud enough for ebveryone near him to hear.

Kender Magic Drum of Dragons
donated by Tiara Lockcracker

A little brown and leather tom-tom with a bright purple drumstick, with little dragons in gold silver brass bronze and copper on the sides.

History: Well.. I found it in this neato dragon's lair after she took it from a dragonslayer and I'm positive she didn't want it anymore since she was all "That thing was more trouble than it's worth" So I took it off her hands since it was soooo much trouble.

How it Works: Well, when you pound out a rythem on the tom-tom it may just call a dragon to you! I think it's because the leather's actualy a dragon's tongue and my dragon friend said it was a bit of one of Paladine's scales!!

donated by Kaysal Mosstune

It is a magical ball, about the size of a kender's fist, and has a small platform. There are a number of small buttons covering it. The ball iteslf is a grayish blue, but the buttons are a variety of colors.

History: It was made when four wizards with a passion for music and love of humor, three white and one red, were bored. They decided to create a magical instrument that was simple to learn how to play. At the time, they were in a room in the Tower of Wayreth. Being pleased with their creation, they made one for each of them, and at least eleven for other music-loving wizards.

How it Works: Each button represents a diferent note. Just say the magic word (quickfizzliciousnidipitopherous) and it will activate. Then, you press the buttons and the notes play accordingly.

Poker's Flute of Wind Dancing
donated by Pokerstickleaf Dragonsbane

It appears to be a normal flute.

History: It was created by Pockerstickleaf.

How it Works: Allows any who use it can play this flute with at least proficient skill the proficient receive a -2 bonus to checks. User can use one of the following by playing the correct tune 1/day: Otto's irresistable dance (lasting as long as the flautist plays), chaos, polymorph other, emotion - (any), charm monster, domination, control or summon weather, and transforming tune (user chooses effect). Saving throws versus the flutes powers are at -4 and are as if cast by a 17th level mage a proficient user lowers the saves to -6, and a critical success on the check indicates -8 to the save critical failure is impossible. It has +7 to its item saving throws and it is AC1. Non-kender and non-fey who use the flute must save versus spells also to avoid being affected by their own music.

donated by Witadink Linkymarink

It's a lute-like instrument with about three dozen knobs and puller-ma-jinks all over. **pronounced Qual-lick-all-wink-e-dunk-mac-wit-de- jinky-tinker-mink-inn-pook-sap. (named by a gully dwarf who was told to repeat what the kender said it was) The kender said: Quali look at all the winkerdunk's with the jinkytinker's, almost better than a hoopak.

History: It's made with a Vallenwood shell, in which a tinker gnome built the contraption over and inside it. But not at the same time, mind you, I'm pretty sure he made the pully-majinks before the winkyloo's cause then he would'nt of been able to fit the clicker-naks. But anyway like I was saying...Calm Down Fergensmil! I was just looking at it! I know, I know, it's your stuff... Give me a chance to put it back, here... Ok... so, it was made for the richest bard ever, Erik FrillRith, he was however, growing old and his voice creaky and...old like. So he had it enchanted by a powerful wizard. He told the wizard to cast a spell on it that allows it to "sing", he said to seek out all voices on Krynn, from maidens to minotuars. So the mage did just that, then one day he ran across, my good friend, Githbill Frugletoss. yep! he was a kender! Your a smart dwarf... Anyway, the kender began to sing his trailsong, but the lute burned and sizzled, and all the turny-knobs used to control the voices flew out of mix, the kender's voice was so wretched the machine malfunctioned.

How it Works: Ever since it's creation, it was made to control various tones and pitches from all over, when Erik the Bard got it, all it did was release a horrible screech, like a thousand beaten harpies, he said. So the mage tossed it away, hoping someone would buy it for it's torture value, but then his comrad, Trifflemilk Durgenknick, a kender, picked it up and strummed his heart out, it was the most buetiful sound ever, he feel in love with it, so the end, gotta' go, thanks for the axe, buh-bye!!! (scurry) (scurry) *** any race besides kender will be driven back by this "it" of a instrument. causing 2d20 to anything still willing to charge at the sound. If it is played around a crowd of kender, or in the range of any kender, they will drift off into a dreamy state, or frenzy and mosh among thier comrads, or break dance, it depends on the DM. Roll 1d4 to determine: a roll of 1 or 2 means the kender cannot attack that round, or for that matter until the music stops, a roll of a 3 or 4 means the kender goes into a "mosh" or "break-out" where he can deal as much damage as the DM allows, try to add the kender's charisma into the factor. And there "it" is... (Kipper your site rules)

The Flute
donated by Slate

Well, it looks like a round tube... Like a flute, really.

History: Well, a big hole was punched out of the middle of some material with a lot of other little holes in it... Well, suffice it to say, I got it while looking through the marketplace, it seems to have grown legs and jumped into my pouch... What can I say

How it Works: Well, it plays music... listen... Uhh... wait, my ears... no, wait, listen... I can't hear anything... No, wait, I can hear everything... No, wait, I can hear something... No, wait, I keep saying no wait... No, wait, I... does that answer your question, No, Wait,...

The Kender Death Trumpet
donated by Qualeen Thrippleknot

The Kender Death Trumpet looks much like an ordinary trumpet. It is black with green poka dots. The valves are almost completely invisible to anyone other than a Kender. Kender can see every part of the trumpet with ease, but other races must closely look at it to tell what it is. This leads to many people thinking the Kender is quite insane-even more so than usual.

History: The Kender Trumpet Death Trumpet was made from the strongest metals brought from the center of the earth and strenghten by powerful magics. It was made by 5 Kenders who actually became mages, and another mostly insane mage-who did the real work.

How it Works: The Kender Death Trumpet only works for Kender. Each valve has a different function. 1st valve-This valve, when pressed, shoots tiny deathly posionous darts in random directions. 2nd valve-This valve, when pressed, will immediatly summon forth a greater pit fiend somewhere within 100 miles of the Kender, the pit fiend is magically charmed and will travel at maximum speed towards the Kender, at which time it will scream and disappear back to the underworld. 3rd valve-This valve, when pressed, will activate a shield around the Kender. Nothing can pass in or out of this shield. The shield cannot be moved. The shield shimmers and blinds every creatures within 50 miles. The Kender will complain loudly-as a side effect.

The Lute of Chaos
donated by Hannah Halfhaven

It looks quite simple really! It's just like any ordinary lute 'cept it's got silver and gold strings and it's got this interesting little symbol made of pearl inlaid in the bottom.

History: I'm not really sure where it came from, I guess some bard dropped it in a brawl, I probably picked it up for safe keeping.

How it Works: It makes people and things act really really strange! I played it when I went to Mount Never mind and it made my friend Gnoxli, he's a gnome, drop his tools and go take a nap! It also made my friend ThizzleBoffer KenderKin, he's a kender, go through his pouches and give back everything he'd erm . . . borrowed back to people! It also made this really mean hobgoblin apologize to me for trying to kill me and then he prayed for forgivness and left! Isn't it neat!

The magic harp of Hypnotism
donated by Lola Lah-lah

A normal lyre, back-pack size. Kender are always curious when they first see it
and immediately strum it, which releases them from the spell. when you strum it
it makes a beautiful, magic sounding..."twingle."

History: Like the bag of feed, it was found with some more items (to be donated later
when I find their purpose) in an airtight box that washed up on the shore of the
white rage river. Nothing is known about it's history, but a faded word is
carved on the side, and after killing your eyes you san barely read the word:
"Masamage" in writing that looks like it's filled with light from all three

How it Works: It hypnotizes whomever is nearbye when strummed, they beacome servants (not
zombies, they actully still have brains when hypnotized) until the harp is
strummed again by the same person. It can also be used as a pied piper type
thing, depending on the position of a knob on top. Also it can be used normally,
but little twinkles always flash from where it was strummed.

Throwing Maracas of Hypnotism
donated by stephen

A pair of small and thick maracas that are light brown decorated with red ink. The decorations are mostly lines circling the maracas, much like easter egg decorations. The handles are blue.

History: They began as normal maracas. A kender bard discovered them in a cave in Afreka, and as soon as he saw how thick they were he recognized their incredible potential for being thrown at people. His aim had never been good, though, and people dodged them easily--once someone picked one back up and threw it at the kender, making an easily visible lump on his head. Eventually, the bard had them enchanted to make the target so transfixed with wonder that he couldn't move to dodge them. Unfortunately, later he discovered that he had botched his spellcasting while enchanting one of them.

How it Works: One maraca--the one that was well- enchanted--makes the target have a saving throw vs. spell (this is modified for wisdom, but what would normally be a bonus actually becomes a penalty for this saving throw, and vice versa!). If the saving throw fails, the target is hypnotized and the maraca automatically hits him (its stats: 1 lb, small, bludgeoning, speed factor 2, damage S-M 1d4+1 L 1d3). The target becomes unhypnotized once the maraca hits. If the saving throw is successful, the target merely has a -4 penalty applied to his armor class for purposes of determining whether or not he avoided the maraca. The other maraca doesn't work quite as well. As soon as it is thrown, the target is immediately charmed, as of the /charm person/ spell. Unfortunately, he becomes uncharmed as soon as the maraca hits him (of course, the thrower could get lucky and the victim could be charmed and then the maraca misses). It's impossible to tell which maraca is which.

Tuning Fork of Al' Kabor
donated by Lil' Wizard

A standard metal tuning fork exactly like ones used by regular musicians.

History: Created by the wizard Al' Kabor, this item was enchanted in an attempt to help a struggling Half-Elf bard named Barrister Sweetnote and his failing musical career.

How it Works: Once every 24 hours the owner of this item can use it to perfect the art of playing a paticular musical instrument. All the user must do is whisper the name of the instrument to be used and for a period of 1d4 hours the user of the fork will be able to play the desired instrument as though he or she were a master musician.

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