Saga Kender by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kender are the "Children of the World". They are an adventure loving, curious, spontaneous race that embody the youthfulness and lust for life that all adventurers share and they are unique to the world of Krynn. Some races enjoy kender, finding their lust for life an childlike innocence refreshing. Other races curse the day kender were created and despise them for not understanding the true value of hard work and respecting others property.

Saga Kender Weapons by Marcelo Sarsur
Oh, I know Kender have plenty of weapons. Their childish appearance, fearless demeanor, intense curiosity and the special ability to drive someone crazy taunting... But in combat they also have good weapons, able of many actions in just one. Let's take a look at them...

Kender Assasin by Brad Bowman
A kender assassin must be one of the afflicted kender from the Desolation who has turned to darkness. Since their turn to darkness, these kender have been selling their skills to whomever offers them a good price. They will accept most assassin jobs, however they will never kill another afflicted kender or work for anyone affiliated with the Great Dragons due to their hatred for Malys and what she did to their homes. Perhaps it is this hatred that made them evil...

The Changeling by Andrew Berrigan
Changelings are people who use their skills in sorcery and in mysticism to transform themselves and their environment. They make natural spies because of their amazing talents, and can be either formidable enemies or powerful allies.

Kender Spellweavers by Skip Furrfoot
Kender Spellweavers are just what the name implies, but what's this, a kender with magic?  If you can, I would suggest running for your life, for the day that kender cast spells is the day when you know the whole world's lost it. Sorcerors in the Fifth Age of the Dragonlance Saga are usually expected to be of any of the other races, except for kender.  As it is, true kender in the Fifth Age just simply are not able to cast magic, they do not have the patience for such an undertaking and just never would wish to attempt to what with how long it would take.

The Trickster by Andrew Berrigan
The trickster is a person who lives by his wits. Smooth-talking, quick-thinking and flashy, the trickster uses weapons as a last resort, since his natural talents usually allow him to get in and out of trouble without a fight. Tricksters can be role-played in a number of different ways. At heart, however, all tricksters love adventure and love to work a crowd. Some end up to be con-artists, others end up to be true showmen, and still others work as part-time pickpockets.

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