Saga Kender Weapons by Marcelo Sarsur

Oh, I know Kender have plenty of weapons. Their childish appearance, fearless demeanor, intense curiosity and the special ability to drive someone crazy taunting... But in combat they also have good weapons, able of many actions in just one. Let's take a look at them...

Although kender weapons are not the best combat items in all Ansalon, they have some special features kender always count on - simplicity and several different functions besides being a weapon. They are commonly made of a flexible ironwood haft with leather, catgut, and metal adornment. The weapons named with -ak (hoopak, battak) are commonly used by males, while weapons named with -ik (sashik, whippik) are used by female kender. Hoopaks and whippiks are the most common weapons among kender.

A warning: these weapons are not so common now, because of the Kender Flight. So, just kender can build these weapons, and they don't sell them to non-kender. Afflicted kender dislike these weapons, preferring more offensive ones. Also, any non-kender trying to use these weapons act as the difficulty is one level higher (e.g., a human fighter of Strength 7(B) trying to attack a monster of Physique 6 with a Hoopak has to get an 11 to be successful (12+6-7=11)). As long as a kender is using one of these weapons, he or she gets a +2 bonus to attacks made with them.

Weapon name: Damage: Weight: Other functions:
Battak +5 M • Bat bullets at targets;
• Pry with the wedge;
• Spear with the blade;
• Climb by wedging it in the ground;
• Create percussive music
Bollik +4 L • Flail enemies;
• Use as a bola (damage +2);
• Thresh grain;
• Grapple walls;
• Entangle enemies;
• Climb as a rope ladder;
• Store items in pockets of leather strap;
• Play as a wind thrummer
Chapak +4 L • Split wood;
• Shoot as a slingshot;
• Pry with the butt;
• Snorkeling (it has several holes);
• Shoot as a blowgun;
• Grapple (with a spidersilk rope)
Hachak +7 H • Cut and split wood;
• Hammer nails;
• Climb as a ladder;
• Prune trees;
• Plan wood;
• Throw darts;
• Play as a chime by hammering on the blades
Hoopak +4 M • Throw as a spear;
• Strike as a staff;
• Shoot or sling stones;
• Pry with the blade;
• Pick apples with the gut;
• Whirl as a bullroar
Polpak +4 L • Prune trees;
• Spearfish with the blade;
• Use the blade as a short sword;
• Saw with the serrated face;
• Climb as a ladder;
• Strike as with a staff;
• Play as a musical saw
Sashik +2 VL • Flail enemies;
• Scourge by attaching hooks;
• Entangle enemies;
• Climb as a rope ladder;
• Throw wooden beads;
• Fish as with a net;
• Play as a xylophone
Sithak +5 M • Carry buckets as with a yoke;
• Harvest crops;
• Furrow grounds;
• Slash enemies;
• Shoot field arrows (+5 missile weapon);
• Strum as a stringed instrument
Whippik +2 VL • Shoot darts (+2 missile weapon);
• Whip or scourge enemies;
• Snaring game;
• Hang criminals;
• Fishing;
• Strum as a stringed instrument


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