3E Classes

Disciple of Fizban by Kipper Snifferdoo & Cyan Bluestone Prestige Class
Fizban the Fabulous, a bumbling, scatterbrained, kindly old magician befriended the greatest kender Hero of the Lance, Tasslehoff Burrfoot. It was discovered that Fizban was not just a magician however. He revealed himself to be the great god Paladine and his kindness, patience and understanding with the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and blundering mannerism endeared the high god to the kender race. Following the War of the Lance tales of Fizban and Tasslehoff circulated swiftly through kender communities. This, coupled with the return of the Gods, prompted a resurgence of devotion to the gods. Many kender turned their attention back to Branchala who they considered to be their high god. But a large majority also decided to receive religious training in the ways of Paladine, each kender wanting to be a little closer to Fizban the Fabulous themselves.

Raindrum Fool by Kipper Snifferdoo Prestige Class
Found in royal courts, market squares and rowdy establishments across the continent the Raindrum Fool lives a life of amusement and entertainment. They are purveyors of pranks, tellers of tall tales, maestros of mockery and suppliers of slapstick. Making a fool of themselves and others is the Raindrum Fool’s way of life. Dressed in glaring colors and making themselves the center of attention they entertain crowds with their unique brand of comedy. Far removed from the dignified poetry and highbrow entertainment of school educated bards, the Raindrum Fool participates in a type of entertainment for the common man. Loud, flashy and gaudy this entertainer appeals to all social classes.

Knights of Hylo by Kipper Snifferdoo & Tavin Springfingers Prestige Class
The knighthood itself has but one rule: To always work for good. The knighthood teaches the vow amongst its members, the kender phrase 'Ek'thik allus mot durnat' which means 'Goodness is best'. Each and every knight works wholly towards this end, but in different ways, depending on the order to which they belong: Order of the Pouch, Order of the Sparrow and Order of the Hoopak.

Accidental Hero by Joseph Mashuga Prestige Class
Kender heroes are more common than one would think, but most races simply overlook the small folk. They are often the unsung heroes of a band, yet their actions prove to be as noteworthy as their larger friends. These heroes are often thrust into this role by chance, thus the misnomer of the “accidental hero” was born. This is a prestige class.

Santa's Little Handler by Trampas Whiteman & Kipper Snifferdoo Prestige Class
Santa is always in need of helpers, especially around Christmas time. Some of Santa's helpers, though, are a little too helpful. Santa's Little Handlers are a group of kender who "borrow" toys from Santa's Workshop to give to the good kender girls and boys. After all, Santa is Quite Busy this time of year, and a good kender should do all he can to give Santa a hand.

Handler by Tavin Springfingers Core Class
The bane of people everywhere, the handler is the favored class of the kender race. The handler is an expert at getting his hands into things that don't belong to him and blessed with incredible powers of observation. This is a core class.

AD&D Classes

Cantripper by Ryan Kirkby
Cantrippers are those kender that have learned to master the smallest for of magics, the cantrip. That advance slowly in maggic learning a multitude of small spells before learning the greater magics.

Tale Spinners by Kipper Snifferdoo

Tale Spinners are kender clerics of a sort. But they share a lot of the same skills and benefits of human and half-elven bards. Tale Spinners do just as their name implies, they relay stories. They are collectors of songs, poems and tales, both of fiction and nonfiction. There are generally three types of Tale Spinners. The first are the most abundant. They worship Branchala, and they mainly focus on collecting songs, ballads, and poems for their entertainment value. They love to collect material that will emotionally move the audience from one feeling to another.

AD&D Kits

Priests of Uncle Trapspringer by Bramble Moonwillow
One of the most widespread beliefs among kender is that of the legendary hero, Uncle Trapspringer. A role model and daring adventurer, Uncle Trapspringer is every kender's uncle, who has been to just about every place imaginable and is always willing to tell them all about it.

Seeker by Wil Maurice
A Seeker is a Kender handler or a thief who "seeks" to have the most unusual items that any Kenner has ever had. Instead of normal Kender, who like whatever seems to be interesting, the Seeker is constantly looking for the things that are completely unique and rare, and will not stop until they have found them.

Tinkerer by Standback
Background: Tinkerers are kender who have developed a special interest in mechanics, and have therefore been apprenticed to a gnome. These kender, or at least those of them who managed to pay much attention, quickly began building devices that A) worked better then the gnome's machines, and B) were completed much quicker.

Trapspringers by Aragorn
Trapspringers are masters in the art of disarming traps. They usually use somehow unusual ways to disarm them though, and most of these ways are not the best around. Trapspingers are taught the art of disarming traps by retired trapspringers at the Trapspringer Academy of Hylo.

Violator by Lord Jivven
The Violator is a server of justice for the kender. Little is known about these kender, except of the kender. Many of the other races do not look at kender as much more than pests so that when a grave injustice is done to them the kender that cannot do right by himself brings their problem to the Violator. It is then the Violators choice to take the quest and how to avenge the wrong.

Wanderer Paladin
The Wanderer is a lonely Paladin who travels the land in search of evil. They are often friends of the common man and are of all Paladins the least arrogant and aloof. They can come from any background.

Wilder by Ryan Marsh
Being born or lost in the woods or jungles for an extended period of time Wilder are people who learn to live in the woods and live off the land. They adapt their basic instincts giving them agility and strength in enclosed environments.

SAGA Roles

Changeling by Andrew Berrigan
Changelings are people who use their skills in sorcery and in mysticism to transform themselves and their environment. They make natural spies because of their amazing talents, and can be either formidable enemies or powerful allies.

Kender Assassin by Brad Bowman
A kender assassin must be one of the afflicted kender from the Desolation who has turned to darkness. Since their turn to darkness, these kender have been selling their skills to whomever offers them a good price.

Spellweavers by Skip Furrfoot
Kender Spellweavers are just what the name implies, but what's this, a kender with magic? If you can, I would suggest running for your life, for the day that kender cast spells is the day when you know the whole world's lost it.

Trickster by Andrew Berrigan
The trickster is a person who lives by his wits. Smooth-talking, quick-thinking and flashy, the trickster uses weapons as a last resort, since his natural talents usually allow him to get in and out of trouble without a fight.

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