Priests of Uncle Trapspringer by Bramble Moonwillow


One of the most widespread beliefs among kender is that of the legendary hero, Uncle Trapspringer. A role model and daring adventurer, Uncle Trapspringer is every kender's uncle, who has been to just about every place imaginable and is always willing to tell them all about it. Throughout the tales, his deeds, identity and hairstyle have been so distorted and exaggerated that no non-kender scholars have been able to ascertain for certain whether he ever existed. But there is no doubt in minds of the kender. In fact, there are some who claim that Trapspringer never died, but in fact ascended to godhood, and some of these have priestly powers to prove it.

Despite various arguments to the contrary - many claiming that the supposed diety is in fact an aspect of Branchala - Uncle Trapspringer and his priesthood are presented here as if he were a real god, albeit not a very powerful one.

Statistics: AL CG; WAL Any good; AoC Kender, travellers

Uncle Trapspringer has never been 'reliably' sighted, and thus it cannot be determined if he has an avatar or not. What follows is a general description of him as the stories and the second-cousin's best friend's nephew's pen-pals describe. Trapspringer is tall for a kender, above four feet, and has hair reaching down about to his waist when let down. He is about middle aged with many wrinkles, many of which are smile lines. He carries a hoopak, at least five pouches, and dresses in bright, multicoloured clothing. Most who have alleged encounters with him report him to talk in a very confusing way.

The Priesthood

The priesthood of Uncle Trapspringer is mostly a small one - the only known permanent shrine is in Hylo, but its followers can be found anywhere kender can. The decision to join the priesthood is generally made at about the age where one would embark on wanderlust, and in fact, wanderlust usually follows almost immediately after. Uncle Trapspringer does not have a fixed holy symbol. Upon joining (which involves no ritual other than this), the young kender takes the most interesting object he can find as his symbol. It is rumoured that this will always find its way back to the priest after this.

Priests of Uncle Trapspringer must have at least a 13 in charisma and a 15 in dexterity, and are required to learn the proficiency 'Direction Sense'. They must, of course, be kender. They have major access to the spheres of All, Travellers, and Weather, and minor access to Protection and Charm. They cannot be granted spells of above fifth level.

Priests never recieve encumbrance penalties, if that rule is used, and gain a +5 to all handling skills. Upon reaching third level, can move upon all roads and paths at normal movement rate. Finally, at eighth level, the priest gains the ability to know their location at will, once a week, so long as they have seen it on a map. They may wear any armour, and use any kender designed weapon.

Priests of Uncle Trapspringer may not own more than they can carry.

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