Tinkerers by Standback

Background: Tinkerers are kender who have developed a special interest in mechanics, and have therefore been apprenticed to a gnome. These kender, or at least those of them who managed to pay much attention, quickly began building devices that A) worked better then the gnome's machines, and B) were completed much quicker. Obviously, many gnomes were outraged at this, claiming that the kender were turning back the advance of technology by decades, but there remains a fairly large group of gnomes who believe that the education of kender should continue, so as to fan the flame of knowledge in the darkness of ignorance. "Besides," said these gnomes, "they're only kender." (It is suspected by many humans that these gnomes were simply desperate to have someone to talk to who didn't speak at the rate of 20 MegaGnomishDistanceUnits a MiliStandardTimeMeasument.)

General Information: Tinkerers have all the usual kender characteristics, although their stint with the gnomes leaves them with the tendency to sometimes speak very quickly when they get excited, and with the natural attraction to anything mechanical - which will undoubtedly wind up in one of their pouches. Tinkerers will not usually know precise mechanical solutions, due mainly to lack of attention during their apprenticeship. However, they are quite adept at more basic and general mechanical concepts, and their kender creativity makes up for their lack of specific knowledge, so that a good tinkerer must be an excellent improviser. The Modified Hoopak: The Modified Hoopak is the weapon of choice for tinkerers of higher levels. It is similar to a regular hoopak, but it has two slings instead of just one. Thus, a tinkerer can hit one target twice with the Modified Hoopak, but cannot hit two separate targets in the same round. Of course, the modified hoopak is not perfect, and it often misfires. A level 1 tinkerer has a 30% chance of hitting his intended target, and with every 2 levels his chances increase by 10%, until a maximum of 90% (at level 13). For example: a level 5 will have a 50% chance of hitting his intended target. If the aiming roll is unsuccessful, then there is a 30% chance that the misfired missile will hit a different target at random - an enemy, a teammate or even the kender himself.

Note that the tinkerer must make this roll in addition to his normal attack roll, and that both the aiming roll and the attack roll must be carried out separately for each missile.


  • Tinkerers must have a level of at least 14 in Intelligence.
  • If a tinkerer sees a mechanical gadget, then it will automatically wind up in the kender's pouches (unless the GM decides otherwise). If there are 2 tinkerers in a group, the GM can choose which one gets it at random, or let the players decide themselves ("I saw it first!" "No, you didn't! Give it back!" "Give it back?! You just grabbed it from MY pouch!").
  • All tinkerers receive the normal Thieving Skill Racial Adjustments for Kender, except for the following: A tinkerer receives +25% for Find/Remove Traps (instead of +20%), and +5% for moving silently (instead of +10%).
  • As long as a tinkerer has his toolkit with him, he will be able to implement mechanical solutions to problems, which have a 75% chance of working (subject to the modifications of the GM, as is appropriate to the conditions and the problem). If the toolkit is stolen or lost, the tinkerer will be able to offer only the most simple of solutions, and the chances that his idea will work drop to 25%.
  • Tinkerers have basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • Tinkerers have a 45% chance to know the purpose of a mechanical device just by looking at it, and a 65% chance if he can examine the device closely. If the kender fails, there is a 15% chance that he will analyze the device incorrectly, in which case the GM must invent a false purpose for the contraption. Obviously, both of the rolls must be done out of the players' sight.

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