Kender Merchant/ Trader/ Salesman/ Interesting-Thing-Spreader... by Keebler Half-Kender
Description: A Kender Merchant/Trader/... is a lot like a traveling/Door-to-door salesman. He always carries a large assortment of interesting items in his big heavy coats. He goes from person-to-person, house-to-house, or town to town offering various items of interest to his customers in exchange for interesting items from them. This is often treated as a very successful or important business among Kender. While money doesn't often change hands, but a good story or two often suffices enough to satisfy this Kender attempt at copying human commerce and trade. While this is a relatively new concept to Kendermore, the Kender have found this to be an interesting idea and have adapted it as best they could to their culture. How long this lasts as a viable profession among the Kender remains to be seen.

AD&D rules: Character creation is best used via Bard creation rules.

Idea by: Keebler Half-Kender

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