Kender Assasin by Brad Bowman

Description: A kender assassin must be one of the afflicted kender from the Desolation who has turned to darkness. Since their turn to darkness, these kender have been selling their skills to whomever offers them a good price. They will accept most assassin jobs, however they will never kill another afflicted kender or work for anyone affiliated with the Great Dragons due to their hatred for Malys and what she did to their homes. Perhaps it is this hatred that made them evil...

Roleplaying: Kender assassins are quiter than even most other afflicted kender. They disdain crowds and other large gatherings. They do not 'borrow' as do their true kender cousins, but are also competent thieves, per the nature of their proffesion. As mentioned before, they prefer to work against the Dragon Overlords and will never accept a job to kill another afflicted kender. Despite their dark nature, kender assassins are willing to go to great lengths and make great sacrifices to hinder the Overlords, especially Malys.

Requirements: In addition to normal kender requirements, a kender assassin must have an Agility score of 8 and a Strength score minimum of 5. Due to their craftiness and stealthful ways, assassins must have a Perception score of no less than 7 with a code of "A". A kender assassin's Presence score suffers due to his or her profession, and may never be higher than 6.

Advantages: Assassins are sly, stealthy creatures. Therefore, any card played by a kender assassin to surprise an enemy or generally be stealthy is trump and a card played by someone trying to surprise one is never trump. Any Agility action (climb walls, jump gaps, etc.) is automatically trump for kender assassins also. When surprised by a kender assassin, the victim must make a Challenging Endurance action or be killed. If the victim succedes in this, he or she must make an Average Perception action to determine the kender's location.

Disadvantages: No card played for a Presence action by a kender assassin is ever trump. Due to their secretive ways, others tend to be distrustful of assassins. Kender assassins may not study any spheres of mysticism or schools of sorcery. Assassins prefer to work by stealth and surprise, thus, any card played by a kender assassin in open combat against a foe is never trump.

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