Disciple of Fizban

Fizban the Fabulous, a bumbling, scatterbrained, kindly old magician befriended the greatest kender Hero of the Lance, Tasslehoff Burrfoot. It was discovered that Fizban was not just a magician however. He revealed himself to be the great god Paladine and his kindness, patience and understanding with the kender Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and blundering mannerism endeared the high god to the kender race. Following the War of the Lance tales of Fizban and Tasslehoff circulated swiftly through kender communities. This, coupled with the return of the Gods, prompted a resurgence of devotion to the gods. Many kender turned their attention back to Branchala who they considered to be their high god. But a large majority also decided to receive religious training in the ways of Paladine, each kender wanting to be a little closer to Fizban the Fabulous themselves.

The adventures of Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Fizban the Fabulous are legendary among kender. You can’t visit a kender community or village without hearing about how Tas saved Fizban from stampeding Wooly Mammoths or how Fizban and Tas escaped the clutches of a Red Dragon in Pax Tharkas with the assistance of a magically glowing puffball. It was these tales that influenced a new breed of Paladine’s followers. With much prayer (and some pleading) they discovered they could cast the spells that Fizban was famous for. They proudly proclaim the name of Fizban for all to hear. Their devotion to the faith and their love of the story of Fizban and what he represents to them has made them devoted clerics. Even following the fall of Paladine the Disciples of Fizban can be found wandering the land, their spells once again restored. It’s believed that they are now under the watchful eye of Mishakal, protecting them for her beloved.

Disciples of Fizban adventure for a number of reasons. Primarily it is wanderlust that keeps them on the road, but sometimes settled kender will leave their comfortable communities to simply visit places of worship far away or to aid old friends in need.

Hit Die: d6

Race: Kender
Alignment: Any Good
Spells: Ability to cast 2nd level Divine Spells
Skills: Knowledge (Religion) 8 ranks, Spellcraft 4 ranks, Perform (Story Telling), 4 ranks, Hide 4 ranks, Pick Pockets 4 ranks, Tumble 4 ranks
Domain: Luck
Deity: Paladine (Fizban)

The Disciple of Fizban’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Gather Information (Cha),         Innuendo (Wis), Jump (Str), Knowledge (Any) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silenetly (Dex), Open Locks (Dex), Perform (Cha), Pick Pockets (Dex), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Scry (Int)

Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + Int modifier.

----Base Att.----Fort----Ref----Will----Special

1----------+0----------+0------+2------+2-----Fizban's Friend, Fizban's Token, Fizban's Favors (Feather fall)

2----------+1----------+0------+3------+3-----+1 Existing Divine Caster

3----------+2----------+1------+3------+3-----Fizban's Favors (Fizban's Familiar)

4----------+3----------+1------+4------+4-----+1 Existing Divine Caster

5----------+3----------+1------+4------+4------Fizban's Favors (Fizban's Fireball)

6----------+4----------+2-------+5------+5-----Fizban's Good Friend +1 Existing Divine Caster

7----------+5----------+2-------+5------+5-----Fizban's Favors (Feather’d fall)

8----------+6----------+2-------+6------+6-----+1 Existing Divine Caster

9----------+6----------+3-------+6------+6-----Fizban's Favors (Kender Friendship)

10---------+7---------+3-------+7-------+7-----Fizban's True Friend +1 Existing Divine Caster

The following are the class features of the Disciple of Fizban prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Disciple of Fizban gains no proficiency with any type of weapon or armor.

Fizban's Friend: The Disciple of Fizban has caught special attention from the god Fizban (one kender name for the god Paladine). This special attention allows the kender to shrug off some of the clerical demands the faith requires of its followers. The formal rituals, procedural worship and proper rites quickly begin to grow boring for the kender anyway. While humans and other races are devoted to the proper procedures and rituals to serve the great god Paladine, the kender have a more relaxed and laid back view to these rites that Fizban has grown to accept and become accustomed too.

This ability allows the kender to ignore the proper verbal components while casting a spell. These verbal components that used to deal with respectful prayer to the god Paladine are replaced with "friendly conversation and requests" to their "good friend Fizban". Because of this, other spellcasters must make a Spellcraft check DC 25 + spell level to properly identify any spell cast by the Disciple of Fizban, if they fail they do not even realize a semblance of spellcasting was every used. They merely see it as the kender making sociable discourse with Fizban. This blasé means of spellcasting leaves on looking spellcasters confused and baffled. This only applies to the Verbal component, Somantics and Material components must continue to be used when required.

Disciple of Fizban: "Oh look, Tordek has a rather unfortunate new lump growing out the side of his forehead, Hey Fizban do you think we can help him out a little here?"
Disciple of Fizban to DM: "I cast Cure Light Wounds."

Fizban's Good Friend: As Fizban's friend the Disciple of Fizban has a more casual relationship with her god. At 6th level the Disciple of Fizban can now ignore either the Somatic or Verbal component to any spell she has cast, as Fizban understands them so well that a simple word or gesture is all that is needed to ask for his aid. The DC to identify a Disciple of Fizban’s spells is now 35 + spell level.

Fizban's True Friend: At 10th level the Disciple of Fizban is now on such good terms with Fizban that she does not need to prepare her spells at the beginning of the day anymore. The Disciple of Fizban becomes a spontaneous spellcaster that can cast any spell on her clerical spell list as a spell known. This ability is similar to how sorcerers cast their spells, and do to the simplicity of their spellcasting they do not suffer the full-round casting time delay to apply meta-magic's to their own spells.

Spells: The Disciple of Fizban continues in her training of divine spellcasting yet at a more relaxed pace. At every even level of the class the Disciple of Fizban gains +1 effective divine caster level to be applied to a previously held divine casting class, for the purpose of advancing caster level and new spells per day. She does not however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained (bonus feats, improved domain powers, or Turning Ability)

Fizban's Token: The Disciple of Fizban possesses a special item of faith to represent her kender interest and devotion to Fizban. This is a personal possession and oddly enough the Disciple of Fizban will always be able to retrieve it from her pouches as a free action since she always has a particular place to keep this said item. This item can come in any shape or form since these items will very greatly from kender to kender as do the stories of their origin. The item, while not necessarily a holy symbol, represents her faith in Fizban and kender good fortune. It can be used to increase her ability to drive off undead. When held up in plain site and the Disciple of Fizban calls upon Fizban's aid the kender can increase her Turn Undead abilities by 1 effective level per Disciple of Fizban prestige class level. This bonus is only gained from this one specified item, if the item is lost the Kender cannot call upon this power until the item is recovered or another items is specified to be its replacement.

Disciple of Fizban: "I wave to the sad looking Zombies as I pull out my 'Solid Brass Balls of Turning'"
DM: "Solid Brass Balls of Turning?!?!?!?”
Disciple of Fizban: "Uh Huh"
DM: "I don't want to know…”

Fizban's Favors: Fizban the Fabulous, who is most notably known as a powerful yet befuddled wizard and as the avatar of the God Paladine, grants supernatural powers to his kender followers. These come in many forms for either the Disciple of Fizban's delight, protection or both. Starting at first level the Disciple of Fizban gains the first ability detailed below and a new ability is gained at every odd level of the class as detailed below. Many of these abilities are comparable to spells and the function at caster levels equal to the Disciple of Fizban's character level when applicable.

Lv1 Featherfall (Su): The Disciple of Fizban gains the supernatural ability to create an effect identical to the first level spell Featherfall. The Disciple of Fizban can use this ability 3 times per day at a caster level equal to her character level.

Lv3 Fizban's Familiar (Su): The Disciple of Fizban may create a "Dancing Lights" like effect at will. (The light can be dismissed and called back as a standard action). The effect is that of one small burning puffball. The disciple can give verbal instructions to the puffball and the light appears to be sentient and will act as if it is alive. The puffball is an incorporeal creature with an intelligence of 6, Wisdom of 12 and charisma of 10, it has a Base Fly speed of 30ft (perfect). The puffball can communicate through a series of colors and flashes back to the Disciple of Fizban but only in a language its summoner can understand. The puffball gives off light equivalent to that of a candle but has no substance, and gives of no heat. It cannot effect the material world in anyway, just as it cannot effect the world around it, it cannot be affected by the world around it, no attack will harm it not even force effects will disrupt it's being. But it will act afraid of hostile action and run if need be. The puffball is basically only useful to the Kender as a friendly companion and reluctant scout.

Lv5 Fizban's Fireball (Su): Whether through the great wisdom and foresight of Paladine or the incomprehensible thoughts of the old wizard Fizban the Disciple of Fizban posses a strange and sometimes devastating defensive measure. Once a day the Disciple of Fizban can create a unique fireball-like effect as a last resort to a hostile encounter.
        Fizban's Fireball
        Component's V, S, M
        Casting Time: 1 action
        Range Close (25ft + 5 ft / 2 levels)
        Area: 20ft radius Spread
        Duration: Instantaneous
        Saving Throw: Reflex for Half
        Spell Resistance: No (As this is a supernatural power)
        The Disciple of Fizban can call upon Fizban’s fireball as a means to deter those that would cause the kender harm (so almost anyone that knows the kender). This fireball is unlike any other. It is fired from the kender’s fingertips in a pea sized ball like other fireballs. It explodes to fill a 20ft radius spread like other fireballs and it deals 1d6 damage per character level of the Disciple of Fizban to a max damage of 20d6 with a reflex save DC 13 + the Disciple of Fizban's Wisdom modifer for half damge. Yet all the Fire damage dealt by this ability is subdual, it is still fire damage and is subject to the fire resistant spells and abilities, but as subdual damage this will never cause objects harms, it will only singe them a little it however can be very uncomfortable to those caught in the blast.

The victim: "Help! Um could somebody help me! I'm not dead but I happen to be very badly burned!"

Lv 7 Feather’d Fall (Su): This is one of the most Unusual abilities of the Disciple of Fizban. This ability is used not only to slow the kender’s decent like the spell Featherfall but it actually acts to allow the kender to take the form of a feather itself. This ability can be used 1/day, and when employed the kender takes the from of a single white chicken feather, but also in the process the kender creates 100 other white chicken feathers to burst were the kender was once standing, making it impossible to distinguish the kender from the other feathers, beyond a true seeing spell. (All the feathers radiate an equal power of transmutation magic if checked with detect magic)

The Disciple of Fizban is not actually the feather, the kender has actually created a pocket dimension that is anchored to the feather and the kender has transported herself and up to one other willing creature of large size or smaller into the pocket dimension as well. In this pocket dimension the Disciple of Fizban is surrounded by white fluffy pillows (all of which are of course filled with chicken feathers) and she can see and hear all that transpires within range of the feather. In addition the kender has minimal control of the actions of the feather. If no more than a slight breeze is blowing the kender can cause the feather to float 5ft per round in any direction of the kender’s choosing. Any stronger winds will blow the feather away. The kender can stay within this pocket dimension for up to a maximum of 24 hours, the kender still requires food and sleep while within the pocket dimension and unless she had supplies on her person before activating the power she will have to cancel the ability in order leave her "feather bed".

This pocket dimension is a little unstable and tied directly to the feather that spawned it. If that feather is destroyed the Disciple of Fizban and all her contents are transported out of the pocket dimension and into the nearest empty space that they can fill, adjacent to the feathers last position. (Of course finding that one specific feather in a hundred would be quite an ordeal.)

Lv 9 Kender Friendship: All kender are deeply loyal to their friends and as such the most painful experience a kender can experience is facing the loss of their dear friends. This Favor allows a Disciple of Fizban that is overcome with grief to will a friend back from the dead. This ability can only be used 1/week. In order to employ this power a kender must either witness the loss of their friend or be exposed to it within 1 day of their death. After being obviously overcome by grief the Kender must spend the next minute weeping and crying over the loss of their friend pleading with Fizban over the injustices of fate and the loss of their friend and why the world would be a better place to have them returned to. If this moment if grieving is broken the Favor is lost. After this the deceased is immediately affected by a True Resurrection and some manner of a bright shaft of light descends from above and appears to restore them back to life.


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