Kentaur by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kentaurs are sylvan creatures that resemble pygmy centaurs and live deep in the recesses of the darken wood. They have been compared to kender in that fact that they are highly curious and playful. Among the elves they are simply known as wood spirits or myths.

Kendragon by Kipper Snifferdoo
The kendragon is a kender that as been polymorphed into an adult brass dragon. The first kendragon was Mapshaker Wanderfuss. He accidentally broke into a wizard’s home and happened upon a small magical dragon figurine. The figurine bit Mapshaker and turned the kender into a brass dragon. After three days of experiencing just how hard it was to be a dragon Mapshaker was fortunate enough to be tracked down by the wizard he borrowed the figuring from and was transformed back into a kender.

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