DnD 2E Kender by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kender are the “Children of the World”. They are an adventure loving, curious, spontaneous race that embody the youthfulness and lust for life that all adventurers share and they are unique to the world of Krynn. The closest relation on other worlds would be halflings. But the halfling race can only be compared in physique to a true kender. Where halflings see an opportunity to increase their wealth kender only see an opportunity to experience another adventure.

DnD 2E Kender Weapons by Kipper Snifferdoo
There are two types of kender weapons. The ones that end in "-pak" or "-ak" are heavier weapons a are usually used by males. The ones that end in "-pik" and "-ik" are lighter and usually used by female kender.

2E Kender Character Sheet
It is customized specifically for kender. It contains information on kender stats, and pre-entered information on special abilities, like infravision, taunting... and so on. There are 2 pages. The front page contains sections of personal-info, weapon info, and particular roleplaying info. The second page contains sections for equipment, treasure, experience and other miscellaneous information. The third page, is a pouchlist page to keep track of the items in your pouchlist.

Handler/Thief Skills by Kipper Snifferdoo
This script will determine the base percentages for a handler (or a thief if you are so inclined). At first level you get an additional 60 points to distribute whever you prefer and 30 more for each level after that.

Kender Roleplaying Questions answered by Kipper Snifferdoo
Here is a list of the most common roleplaying questions concerning kender answered by Kipper Snifferdoo. If there is something you don't know about roleplayting kender in AD&D you'll probably find the answer here.

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