Saga Kender by Kipper Snifferdoo

Kender are the "Children of the World". They are an adventure loving, curious, spontaneous race that embody the youthfulness and lust for life that all adventurers share and they are unique to the world of Krynn. Some races enjoy kender, finding their lust for life an childlike innocence refreshing. Other races curse the day kender were created and despise them for not understanding the true value of hard work and respecting others property.

Two major kender nations were known to exist, Kendermore and Hylo. In the Fifth Age the Dragon Overlord Malystryx completely destroyed Kendermore in her conquest of the Goodlund Peninsula. The Kender that survived journeyed to Hylo in what is now known as the "Kender Flight". These kender had experienced true fear and became what is now called "Afflicted".

Unable to live with their cousins that had welcomed them with open arms, these kender started to form their own communities and villages. These kender were not the carefree go-lucky kender the world had once known. They had changed. They were more serious and defensive. They remained as curious, but lacked that lust for life they once had. It was one of the greatest tragedies of the Fifth Age.

Game Statistics by Eric Jwo

All kender have minimum Agility and Dexterity scores of at least 7, and maximum Strength and Endurance scores of 6. True kender all have minimum Perception scores of 6, while afflicted kender have minimum Presence scores of 6. All kender must have a "B" or better in Perception. All kender have maximum Agility codes of "D", true kender have a maximum Endurance code of "D", while afflicted kender have maximum Endurance codes of "C". Also, remember that a kender may not have a code of "A" in any ability besides Perception.

A way to create a good kender is to start with 52 points. Assign these to the various abilities of your kender (Remember: no ability is less then one or greater than 10!). Then take 20 points. A code of "A" is worth 4 pts., "B" is 3 pts., "C" is 2 pts., "D" is 1 pt., and a code of "X" costs no points. Distribute this among your kender's codes. Or, you can just break out the old Fate Deck and assign values.


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