Kender on Wanderlust

by Kipper Snifferdoo

Wanderlust is an affliction that is particular to kenders. Other races get it on occasion, but not as seriously as kender do. It is a phase in a kenders life that begins around their early twenties and last anywhere from twenty to thirty years. The kender's natural curiosity and desire for action is thrown into over drive. They need action - and they need it now! They thrive on the excitement of meeting new people and seeing new things. This intense need usually keeps kender on the move, and is responsible for the spread of kender across the continent Ansalon.

Despite the wanderlust societies do exist because the younger and older kender seem to loose the drive that causes the afflicted to wander as far as they can go. But this does not mean that kender who are not afflicted are any less curious about things around them. They just loose the drive to travel long distances at will, and tend to remain with friends. If any person were to travel into a town full of kender they would find themselves pelted by a constant barrage of questions and relived of most all of their possessions for a closer inspection.

This explanation of wanderlust is offered in Legends - volume one - Time of The Twins - by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman "At this time, they gleefully strike out for parts unknown, intent on finding nothing except adventure and whatever beautiful, horrible, or curious items might by chance fall into their bulging pouches. Completely immune to the self-preserving emotion of fear, afflicted by unquenchable curiosity, the kender population on Krynn was not a large one, for which most of Krynn was devoutly grateful."

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