Alternate Origin Theory

It'sawellknownfactthathistory, sorry Ashabel, I'll write with those darned spaces between the words (Stupid elf!), yes, to continue here, it is a well known fact that history usually is wrong (as most of the other races' history regarding us glorious gnomes) and there exists a huge mistake in elven (and especcially in silvanesti, Hah Ashabel) and human history as they think that kenders are kin to us effective and hard-working, honourable, friendly and reallyreallynice gnomes, and they often like to push the blame on other, bloody racists those elves, as we are not stealing and poking into other's matters like kenders, and if they are the result of a mix of several races they have inherited their sense of humour from us, but take a look at those kenders and compare them with the elves, and yes you'll see that it's like comparing one of those large horses to small ponies, and they are pretty much alike, and I did realize this based entirely on empirically facts and then I went into the library we have here in Palanthus and found ancient tomes from the time of the graystone of Gargath and they told the story as it is, and now Ashabel is complaining of lack of full stops, those bloody silvanesti are never happy.

I found an old tome called "Tales of the Lance" which I delved into and after a few hours of research I found one very important fact which I really must be allowed to quote from page 1018 "In answer to that called, armies from all the folk of Krynn came, bands of mercenaries, elves, ogres, and humans" which proves that there were plenty of those childlike and overly curious elves, and to quote from page 1019 which is hard to read and you must excuse me there "Kenders came from excessively curious and childlike Swifts" and as we know Swifts were the army of Balif, and when speaking of Balif who really enjoyed the company of the silvanesti and let me quote from page 1006 "Elves, fascinated by wild magic, joined the smiths to reclaim the stone. When at last the stone was freed, it escaped, but not before touching those present and changing their forms to reflect their natures. Thus kenders came into being" and we know that the first kender hero was Balif and he lived then, and was the leader of the elven army and that he after the battle with the graygem, where he was, he built the kender kingdom, even if that seemed ridiculous we accept it here and now just to please any kenders reading this newsletter, and it is kind of obvious that Balif became a kender along with his elves, and that they were the first smart kenders, something the kenders who live today has not inherited, and they even built a kingdom, which is quite good but far from the democratic anarcho-syndicalistic system we gnomes have reached which is far beyond what other nations have, and then I must conclude that kenders were the result of of the graygem on Balif and his elven warriors who run in the forest shooting arrows at you even if you can't stop your flying vessel from hitting their trees, the other theory I can accept is that the silvanesti is portraying as kenders and are stealing all we others have. No, Ashabel I won't remove that comment, stop bothering me, and finish combing your hair.

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