K.I.D (Kender Impulsive Disorder)

by Fuzzfoot Woodchip

Hello every one, I'm Dur, an irda psychcologist and I am here to speak to you about why kender 'find' all your things. The answer is simple, The Kender Impulsive Disorder. Kender are born with a normal mind, but that 'normal' mind seems to stop progressing and leaves the kender stuck with a childs mind. As a result of this, kender develop an impulsive disorder, to 'find' things. Oh shut up Quai, I know you were born with a normal brain. Anyway, kender seem to have to have a lot of stuff to make them feel good about themselves. This is an odd phenomena that seems to affect other people only slightly. Kender's minds begin to mature rapidly at about age 59. As a result of this, kender are not well liked by other races. Kender, are also born with a taunting ability wich is also affected by their impulsive disorder. Kender have to taunt people when they think it is apropriate. Kender taunt when someones says they take their stuff. Okay Quai, i know you and other kender don't steal. Kender are also born with an obsesive disorder (my assistant is good proof of that, he seems to be obssessed with what i say about his race). Normal kender obssesions are as following:

  1. Stuff
  2. they aren't thieves
  3. The 'find' stuff
  4. Everyone likes them
  5. Everyone thinks they're interesting people

Kender also spin tales of magic and dragons, seeing as how they think people will like them more if they tell them interesting tales. A kender's innocence stems from the fact that at first that they know what they did was stealing, then the keep telling themselves the 'found' it, sooner or later they have utterly convinced themselves they found it. In closing I must say, stay away from kender! Oh shut up Quai, You liitle midget! If you are a kender and you are prey to the following maladies, please sign up for the kender support group.

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