General Description of Kender

by Kipper Snifferdoo

by Naomi Nemes

Kender are the “Children of the World”. They are an adventure loving, curious, spontaneous race that embody the youthfulness and lust for life that all adventurers share and they are unique to the world of Krynn. The closest relation on other worlds would be halflings. But the halfling race can only be compared in physique to a true kender. Where halflings see an opportunity to increase their wealth kender only see an opportunity to experience another adventure.

A kender’s concept of value is not in line with any other race. To a kender a potato in the shape of a heroes head, or a rag doll with the eyes torn out can be just as valuable as a diamond the size of their fist. The potato and doll have interesting qualities and are unique in their own way, where as a diamond looks just like any other so why bother with it?

Kender have pouches for the same reason a chipmunk has cheek space, it’s just natural. Kender have a tendency to pick up anything that is not nailed down. They do not do this out of greed but out of the intense curiosity they received during their creation that forces them look into locked chests, sneak into guarded rooms, and reach into the pouches and pockets of those around them just to see what’s in there. They usually don’t intend to keep what they have found, but find that the person they borrowed it from has walked away, or that they themselves have wandered on. In these instances the kender shoves the item into a pouch pledging to return the item to the proper owner at their earliest possible convenience.

Almost every kender is encountered during wanderlust, and affliction that strikes kender hard during their early adult and late teen years that causes the kender to pick-up and travel the world far and wide in search for one exciting adventure after another. To complicate issues kender are totally fearless. This is a dangerous combination to be coupled with their intense curiosity and need for high adventure. And can be especially dangerous to those friends that may be traveling with he kender. “What? You say there is a red dragon just beyond that hill? Wow I’ve never seen a REAL red dragon before. Let’s go!”

This race also embodies the ideals of freedom. They roam aimlessly and are not known for following orders unless they believe they came up with the idea or are interested enough in what might happen if they follow that order. They do not like to be locked up, even though they spend a fair share of their time in city jails, and they repeatedly find themselves in places they are not meant to be. Any attempt to control a kender may result in the kender taunting their assailant and driving them into a fit of uncontrollable rage, which is exactly where the kender wants them, giving the kender an advantage in that fight.

But if one can look beyond the insanity that kender seem to be composed of, they will find a heart of gold. No evil kender have ever been known to exist and when a person finds a kender has become their friend, they will also find that kender to be totally dedicated and unwavering, even if they do ignore orders and tend to get their friends in more trouble than they would have found in the first place.

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