How to make a REAL Hoopak

by Bunnyears Wanderluster

I've always wanted a hoopak of my own and I was thinking "How the heck am I gonna make a hoopak?"

Then I was cleaning out my closet and I found the rod that was my pitchfork for my Halloween costume as a devil. The pitchfork part had been long since lost, but the long rod would do wonders for a hoopak.

Then I thought "OK, how am I gonna make the prongs?" a little searching and I found some discarded clothes hangers that had cardboard piping on the bottom instead of being completely out of wire. I cut the cardboard pipes and using electrical tape I lashed the pipes onto the plastic rod.

Then I coated the cardboard pipes with the electrical tape so it would match the rest of the rod (black plastic, black tape - I know black's a real drab color but it's all I had to work with)

Then I was wondering what to make the sling out of. I found some old black nylons, and I said "This will work!" it was elastic enough and sturdy. I cut one of the legs off and tied it to the cardboard prongs, then held down the loose ends of the knot with electrical tape (I used A LOT of electrical tape!).

Finally, the metal point at the end. I didn't have anything metallic, but I had a shiny gift bag that I cut up and I rolled it up into a cylinder, used the electrical tape YET AGAIN to attach it to the end of the rod. Then I cut the other end into a point and voila!! I have myself a real nice hoopak. It twirls gracefully and shoots great.

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