Kenderspeak is believed to be derived from a mixture of Gnomes and Elfs. Because of the Kender's curiosity and characteristics, Kenders have an increased proficiency with learning and adapting other languages. Kender Nation Kenderspeak is based on common, elf, and gnome culture along with some limited goblin influence.

Words in "" are more important or more frequently used words.
Kenderword Common Notes
"Ramja" Wander Other meanings; walk, come, follow, go
"Mara" Good  
"Mara'ramja" Good Wander Phrase for greet/parting
"Hoopak" Kender Weapon staff
Ty Look/Interesting ty'dog = look at that dog
Te/tet the/that te'sword = the sword
tet'sword = that sword
ad/adt and  
ak Larger than normal  
ik Smaller than normal  
eyeem/ey'eem him  
eyer/ey'er her  
eyme/ey'me me  
eyew/yoew you/you yoew is formal
kendeyeem kender girl  
kendeyer kender boy  
'oldt hold  
gyive give  
Polpak Kender Weapon staff with blade
Hoopik Short Blunt weapon mace
Polpik Kender Short Sharp weapon sword
ikPolpik Very Short Sharp weapon knife

Kenderaccent (Kendteraccent)

Kenders have exceptional abilities at learning, understanding, and speaking foreign languages. At times their own accents can be heard when they speak other languages. Kender fluent in a language typically speak with with a strange sound (accent) at the beginning of each word. This is represented by a letter Y following the first constonant. y = after first letter of each word, which represents the sound as being different
- Tyhis iys gyood eyxample oyf kyenderaccent. Yyou tyry iyt.

Petri's Kenderspeak (this does not reflect other kenders dialects)
When Petri breaks off into her kenderspeak it typically follows the following rules. The Y sound is often dropped as it only represents a sound produced by kenders speaking other tongues.
H = ' (silent)
U = ew
D = dt
y' = seperates two words or used with common words for kenderaccent
Hello ! So how do you feel. = Mararamja ! Soy'ow dto eyew fyeel.

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