Kender Stats
A collection of racial and weapon stats for roleplaying with kender. This collection covers Third Edition, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, SAGA and even GURPS. So you can annoy people.. I mean play a kender in any campaign.

Kender Races
Like all races on Krynn there are different types of kender. Ansalon is home to two types of Kender. The "True" Kender as most people know of them, are the friendly, loving, mischevious race known to most of the races. After the destruction of Kendermore the afflicted kender were created. The afflicted kender have never truly been understood by the "True" kender of the continent. Taladas, the lost continent of Krynn, also has another race of kender known as the Marak, named after the valleys from which they live in. On the other side of Krynn you can find the mountain dwelling Kendar of Chorane. Of all the subraces of Kender none is more feared than that of the Kender Vampires, or more mysterious than the Kenderesti. There is also the mysterious Flearians. Not to mention racila mixes like half kender.

Kender Classes
It is a widely held belief that all handlers are kender. However it is not wise to think that all kender are handlers. On my journeys I have met kender with a wide variety of skills. Other than a Handler, kender normally fall into the cleric or fighter types. Kender rangers are usually very popular and barbarians are not out of the question.

Kender Weapons
The kender race in general is not one that takes it for granted that a sword is a sword. Every weapon is a tool and a musical instrument. No ones knows when it first began, but kender have always found a wide range of uses for their weapons or for their tools. However it began it has developed into an interesting array of weaponry that can impress even the gnomes for their ingenuity.

Kender Articles
There is always a number of topics that need further explanation when it comes to kender. How to handle handling in your game or how to roleplay in kender cities, find out more about kender wizards and various other topics. This is a collection of articles on various kenderish topics.

Skills and Feats
A Feat is a special ability that allows a character enhance or increase a current ability. This is a collection of various kender realted Feats. Feats ranging from Taunting to Hiding in Plain Site can be found here.

Creature Lists
A collection of various lists of creatures some are kender specific and others are just your general nasties. With both Third Edition and AD&D formats. Kender creatures come in a wide variety. They are anything animal or creature related to kender. Such as kender pets or kender half breeds or even creatures that resemble or act like kender.

KC Creature Creator
The KC Creature Creator follows the monster creation guidelines as set out in Dragon Magazine 276 and guidelines from the front of the Monster Manual. Is is brand new so expect some bugs, but overall the generator will walk you through six steps gathering the needed information then it will total up all the bonuses and format all your information in the proper order according to the Monster Manual.

Kender Magic Items
One of the most fascinating aspects of being a kender has to be our fascination with magic. Kender love to play with magic items. As a result many people find that their magic items usually wind up in the hands of a kender at one time or another, but that is another story. This section of the Kencyclopedia is a log of "kender magic items".

Adventure Hooks
What are Hooks? Adventure Hooks are those little side adventures that you can use in your campaign to flesh out a story line or pass time between the big encounters. Some hooks actually begin a campaign or develop into a full blown adventure themselves. This is a collection of DragonLance specific hooks. If your adventurers are sitting around with nothing to do take a look at these.

Tinker Gnome Stats
A collection of racial and invention stats and feats for roleplaying a tinker gnome. This collection covers Third Edition stats only.

Gnomish Inventions
Since Reorx created gnomes, they have been blessed with the ability to tinker. They have spent their existence developing scientific and technological devices in the face of a world dominated by magical and clerical powers. They have created working steam engines, submersibles, flying machines, ore refining machines, and weapons of war, and smaller items such as screws, pulleys, clocks, and wind-up toys, just to name a few. Unfortunately the inventions have proven to be unstable, and their owners ideas before their time.

Gully Dwarf Stats
A collection of racial and magic items and feats for roleplaying a Gully Dwarf. This collection covers Third Edition stats only.

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