Kender Races

About Afflicted Kender
In Krynn's Fifth Age following the Summer of Choas, when the Gods dissapeared from Krynn. Dragons became the new ruling force of Ansalon. The greatest dragon of all, Malystryx, a huge female red dragon, claimed the Goodlund peninsula as her home. She completely destroyed Kendermore creating Afflicted Kender in the process.

All About Half-Kender
An odd mixture, the half-kender is one of the most misunderstood of all half-breeds. This race of mixed blood between a human and a kender is often the product of a romance between a human male and female kender. Although on rare occasions the reverse has been known to happen. Of all the mixed races the half-kender looks the most human, and is often believed to be human, albeit a human small of stature.

All About Marak Kender
Living in isolated Marak valleys of the Steamwall, well down on the lower slopes, are a cluster of small kender communities. These kender (a race that is somewhat rare in Taladas) are unique in Taladas and perhaps throughout all of Krynn. They, perhaps more than any others throughout Taladas, have undergone a distinct change in their way of life.

All About The Kendar
No one knows how the Kendar got to Chorane, or even how long they have been there; not even the Kendar themselves know. ''We've always been here," a Kendar will say if asked about the race's origins. ''I mean, I think so...wait a minute. Hmmm...well, I've always been here, except for that time I went exploring down that steam I guess we've always been here. Yes, definitely. We've always been here. I think."

All About The Coomshee
There has long been a kender tale of a place where kender are not so civilized, but have fallen and remained in a state of barbarianism. Until recently the race was unheard of, but with the arrival of the Brutes at the end of the 4th Age some of these kender have been encountered. They are known to the Brutes as the Comshee, a troublesome little race that they equate to fleas on a dog.

All About The Flerians
"What's short, round-eyed, bright-haired, and fast as lightning? That's right-it's the same thing that has its hand in your pocket right now! Meet the Flerians-but nail down anything of value first."

All About Kender Vampires
From the dark land of Sithicus comes word of a breed of vampire only recently released on the demiplane of Ravenloft: the kender vampire. While not truly the equal of the other species of vampire, these monsters are no less evil.

All About Kendresti
Sea kender (Kendesti) hail from the waters surrounding Hylo. During the Kender Flight, when kendermore kender fled their home, many went to Hylo, seeking refuge in their cousins' land. But many didn't make it. Some boated to Northern Ergoth, some even tried swimming. But all in all, only half of the kender who intended on going to Hylo actually made it.

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