Sea kender (Kenderesti) hail from the waters surrounding Hylo. During the Kender Flight, when kendermore kender fled their home, many went to Hylo, seeking refuge in their cousins' land. But many didn't make it. Some boated to Northern Ergoth, some even tried swimming. But all in all, only half of the kender who intended on going to Hylo actually made it.

Now, a bronze dragon in that area saved some of these kender who didn't make it. He took them in and fed them, giving them home in his underwater lair. His name was Quanth. But a sea dragon killed Quanth, and most of the kender. They hid, scared to move. The sea dragon left however, to find a different lair.

The kender tried to save their bronze savior, but could not. In his last moments he freed them of their fears, brought on by the Kender Flight, and by the sea dragon. But he could not lead them out of the lair. They were stuck under water! They could not make it to the surface, and for a while could not find food. But then they found the bronze's treasure hoard, and somehow harnessed magic from its artifacts.

But they could not control this magic, and it went wild. The kender directly exposed died, and became zombies, still haunting the lair. But those who were not directly exposed lived, but fled into the watery depths.

Sometime in a 15-year gap they evolved into sea kender. Like Sea Elves, they had blue or green skin, and hair ranging from red to brown to silver. They had gills and lungs, breathing both above and below water.

Over the years they gained the ability to communicate with all sea life, and disguise themselves in the water, and seaweed. Their skin donned a chameleon likeness. When they go into warmer waters, they're skin tone darkens. Cooler water lightens it. When in a seaweed forest they become the color of the seaweed, blending in perfectly.

But, since that time when they ate almost nothing, they have now gained a constitution bonus of +1. All other stats remain the same as a normal kender.

But if they stay out of salt water for more than a month (30 days) their stats will gradually go down one every day after the initial 30, until they die. They are known to go insane on land, being weak, slow, stupid and cruel. They forget who they are, and everything they know. If they return to salt water, all stats are regained.

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