General Description of Half-Kender by Kipper Snifferdoo

An odd mixture, the half-kender is one of the most misunderstood of all half-breeds. This race of mixed blood between a human and a kender is often the product of a romance between a human male and female kender. Although on rare occasions the reverse has been known to happen. Of all the mixed races the half-kender looks the most human, and is often believed to be human, albeit a human small of stature.

Half-kender are free spirits. They are prone to be found, much like their kender parentage, wandering the countryside. They do not wander out of any forced wanderlust, but because they are restless and do not feel comfortable living in one place for very long. They can be found doing various odd jobs, living as mercenaries, or as roaming minstrels and entertainers.

Most kender are quick witted, and natural charmers. They seem to be naturally talented at many things, music, art, fighting, and dancing, almost anything but hard labor. They live by their wits and can easily fall into the role of a con artist or front man. Unlike kender, half-kender understand the concept of ownership and property which can lead to moral dilemmas for a race that has inherited a strong sense of curiosity from their kender heritage.

Occasionally a half kender will try to settle down and in their later years some even manage to. But their kender legacy will haunt them. One reason most half-kender never reside in one place for long is because of the community they live in. When a neighbor discovers that the woman living next door is a half-kender they immediately assume that anything missing must have been taken by them, or that the half-breed will sneak into their house when they are gone. Many half-kender have left good homes, even after years of being productive citizens, because of prejudice against them for their kender blood.

Some half kender prefer the company of full-blooded kender, and from time to time can be seen traveling with them. Some half-kender have even been known to lead groups of wandering kender. They have enough common knowledge of the kender to understand their needs and are wise enough to be able to communicate that effectively to other races. Of course the kender enjoy the half-kender and find him or her extremely interesting and they become quick friends.

Industrious is not a term that is used with most half-kender. They can be determined and are better at following orders than kender, but they lack the discipline to become hardcore military men. So they most often are hired as mercenaries such as scouts, messengers, or archers. They excel in occupations in which they can use their kender-given abilities.

As companions half-kender are initially hard to trust for people that know what they are. But half-kender can be faithful and steadfast friends when they are fully accepted and will do all they can to be there when they are needed. But the careful adventurer will beware, because unlike kender that usually have no ulterior motive for befriending a person, a half-kender does possess the ability to be cunning and make friendships for veiled motives, and that is when they can be truly dangerous


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