3E Gnome Stats

Gnomes "Tinker" Class by Dwayne Carnachan
Other races sometimes see the gnomes as single-minded or laughable; gnomes see others as unable to focus, hopelessly stuck on magic, and unable to keep up with the quick pace of a gnomish mind. Gnomes' dwell in isolated pockets throughout Ansalon, so far removed from human traffic that they are often placed with pixies and sprites as semi-magical myths. Gnomes enjoy and support this misconception.

Gnome Feats
A list of special feats just for gnomes to make them a little more useful and fun to play. These 3rd Edition Feats are crafted just for gnomes.

Gnomish Inventions (B.O.IN.G) by Sean Macdonald
Now you can experience the joy of creating your own gnomish invention and sharing it with others. With the help of Standback, my gnomish companion, I have created "B.O.IN.G.". That's the Big Online INvention Generator. Which is a quick 5 step process to creating your own Gnomish Invention using James O'Rances converted 3E Rules, (See Below).

Gnomish Invention Rules by James O'Rance
Gnomish inventions are a form of fantasy technology, as opposed to the advanced technology found in Chapter 6 of the Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master's Guide. The inventions of tinker gnomes are a mixture of basic scientific principles, fantastic Renaissance devices reminiscent of Leonardo DaVinci, and mad creative genius. Gnomish inventions are almost exclusively driven by basic mechanical devices: gears, windmills, waterwheels, pulleys, and screws. Gnomes have done elementary work in chemical combustion (usually with explosive results) and can generate electrical charges of great power, but find little purpose in it. Clockwork mechanisms are a relatively modern development of gnomish technology. Only in Taladas is steam power used to any great degree.

When a gnome sets out to design some mechanism, it’s a good bet that the invention will be at least 30 times larger than necessary, will make ten times as much noise as acceptable, and will have many totally redundant features (if it works at all). Only those gnomes considered "mad" by their kin are able to create devices with any degree of elegance and efficiency.

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