3E Kender Creatures

Aloanwi by Gabriel
It's a cute little thing that is curious about the world. It has long rabbit like ears on a bunny kind of head. It wears a battered suit and fedora.
Billeard by Volfied Raven
This creature is a kender of another plane, where it came this one is unknown. It is short, small, and grows with the owner. Just has the same properties with the kenders, and speaks only one language which only kenders can understand.
Cheese Dragon by Wyrbender Dragonfire
A memory from the Age of Dreams, one of the most exciting Dragon's ever known to Kender, and one of the most....dead. Beasts of magic, created from that power that created all things. And created...out of cheese.
Chi by Roan Ashhearth
The kenders ideal pet!
Clockwork Kender by Martin B
A guardian golem with kender-like charm.
Dracoon by cooldilo
A Ratlike creature that has 6 arms and arm flaps to glide, usually are found in packs or herds of 50 or more of the creatures, but younger ones have been known to join adventurers...
Forest Imp by Tobigera
These fey creatures are called imps for their mischievous nature. In truth, nobody really knows what they are. It is believed that they are the cross between a kender and a fey (type varies depending on who you ask) followed by years of inbreeding and occasional introduction of other species.
Giant Fire-breathing Puppy by Belegwen Lightningblade
It's big! It's mean (well, not really)! It's cute! It's a Giant Fire-breathing Puppy! It's a nice, difficult-to-kill, sweet-tempered creature to throw at a party that likes to laugh. It's a running gag in all of my campaigns.
Giant Hamster by Kipper Snifferdoo
Giant Hamster are the perfect kender pet. They are hamsters the size of a dog and are faithful and obediant pets to the kender that raise them.
Goatsucker by Kipper Snifferdoo
The Goatsucker is a small-sized avain, nocturnal bird found in temperate and tropical regions.
Half Fey by Sparkfire Wanderfinger
A new character race: the half-fey. Basically humans with a few fey-like properties.
Katagat by Anna M. Dobritt
A winged cat that is highly intelligent and able to communicate telepathically with whoever it wants.
Kelement by Airellian
The Kelement is the wizard's fusion of a fire elemental and a kender, the kender being the obvious dominant trait.
Ken-vine by Airellian
The Ken-vine is the obvious fusion of the kender and a plant. The vine's color varies, but it can always be heard before it's seen because the ken-vine is forever in motion, always swishing to and fro to stave off the boredom.
Kencky by Pittbullsoul
It's a spunky little buddy of all Kender. It's a Kender's best friend. It's doggy that Kender breed to be fearless and adventureous.
Kender Spirit by Zorn
Kender Spirits are the results of a kender that was killed by an adventuring partner who couldn't take it any more.
Kender Vampire by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kender Vampires are terrible unnatural creatures from the dark domain of Ravenloft.
Kenderesti by Sean Macdonald
Kenderesti are small sea dwelling humanoids that play among the coral reefs far in the oceans surrounding Ansalon.
Kendermouse by Taryn Pickenhands (James Shipley)
The Kendermouse is a small mouse-like creature that finds and collects items which attract it's curiousity. They are named for creatures told of in legends and tales around the Nordinlands. They have the ability to goad ANYTHING into attacking in a rage.
Kendragon by Kipper Snifferdoo
The kendragon is a kender that as been polymorphed into an adult brass dragon. The first kendragon was Mapshaker Wanderfuss. He accidentally broke into a wizard’s home and happened upon a small magical dragon figurine. The figurine bit Mapshaker and turned the kender into a brass dragon. After three days of experiencing just how hard it was to be a dragon Mapshaker was fortunate enough to be tracked down by the wizard he borrowed the figuring from and was transformed back into a kender.
Kentaur by Kipper Snifferdoo
Kentaurs are sylvan creatures that resemble pygmy centaurs and live deep in the recesses of the darken wood. They have been compared to kender in that fact that they are highly curious and playful. Among the elves they are simply known as wood spirits or myths.
Letter, A by Mithral Silverwave
Before you floats a symbol the size of a frog. Everyone recognizes it as an A rune in their native language.
Liff by Trillia Dasefuul
Liff is a floating ball of fluff. He looks cute, and all who see him feel an urge to go 'Awwwwwwwwwww'.
Miniature Giant Space Hamster by Kobrakin
Small, cute, and smarter than most elven sages, Miniature Giant Space Hamsters are one of the most bizarre creatures known to exist.
Moaner by Kipper Snifferdoo
Hovering before you is a transparent insubstantial figure of a kender. The edges of the creature are blurry, wispy and hard to distinguish. Yet the face of the kender is one of abject despair. Its dejected expression is one of complete hopelessness.
Munchkin Hunter by Kellor of Bryd
The perfect monster to assault the adamantite Munchkin stronghold.
Pak by Achven Silvertongue
Pak is the most horrific abomination you could imagine. Even Lord Soth looks like a cute cub compared to him
Pouch Companion by Thistleswitch Crimsonpouch
A kender's Familiar of sorts. The Pouch Companion is a kind of dragon. And it's so darn cute.
Shane by Mike Johnson
A humanoid of disgusting nature, when not being shunned they find solace in the company of the rest of the nerdery. Tall, heavy, dumb, abd ugly the shane is a grunt used for battle. They aren't clever and go into battle headlong.
Shirat by Theik
For every Kender that had trouble getting the nice shiny object behind the metal bars a trained Shirat would be the solution.
Snikerdoo by steelepaw
Snikerdoo's have been called kender with magic. Not true, however. They are kender-like but are much more serious minded. They know that their magic is deadly. But they like to joke. They have the look of little wizend old people
Treini by elaine hall
She has excellent balance and hearing
Trogdor by Achven Silvertongue
Trogdor the Burninator! Thanks to Strong Bad, really!
Wooly Mammoth (Talking) by Kipper Snifferdoo
A talking wooly mammoth is a massive herbivore found in Icewall that has the uncanny ability to speak common.
Yahoo by Peter
A small red ball of of goo, that only speaks 1 word.

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