Katagat by Anna M. Dobritt
Tiny Magical Beast
Hit Dice: 0.25d10+0.25 (1 hp)
Image by Mari Thistledown
Initiative: +4 (+4 Dex)
Speed: 30 ft.,fly 50 ft.,(good)
AC: 16 (+2 size, +4 Dex)
Attacks: 2 claw -1.75 melee, bite -2 melee
Damage: Claw 1d2-4, bite 1d3-2
Face/Reach: 2 1/2 ft. by 2 1/2 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Psionics, spells, tongues
Special Qualities: Fast Healing, scent
Saves: Fort +3, Ref +6, Will +3
Abilities: Str 3, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 17, Wis 16, Cha 17
Skills: Animal Empathy +5, Balance +6, Climb +0, Hide +8, Jump +-2, Knowledge +7, Listen +7, Move Silently +6, Spellcraft +7, Wilderness Lore +9
Feats: Flyby Attack,Spell Focus,Track

Environment: Any,Temperate land,forest
Organization: Solitary, or Pride (5-20)
Challenge Rating: 1/10
Treasure: None
Alignment: Usually chaotic good
Advancement: 1.25-0.5 HD (Tiny); 1.5-0.75 HD (Small)

A winged cat that is highly intelligent and able to communicate telepathically with whoever it wants.

A winged cat, fur color varies from black, grey, brown to striped. Feathers of wings are always grey. Eye color can be amber, green, gold or blue.

They eat such things as mice, voles, squirrels, birds (usual cat prey). If they are travelling with a two-legged companion they have chosen, then the katagat likes cooked food over raw, occasionally enjoying a sip of wine as well.

They love to talk with whoever they are with, and the young katagats like to play tricks on people who pass through their territory, dropping sticks, stones or dead mice on the person's head.

Katagats are usually found in forested, temperate regions, but finding them isn't easy if they don't want to be found.

Katagats use their fly by attack and claws to good effect, often diving at their target, raking them with their claws and gliding away.

Magical beasts have darkvision with a range of 60 feet and low-light vision.

Katagats live in prides, with a female usually the leader. The males are charged with protecting the pride and will hunt down anyone who has taken a member of the pride without leave.

This creature has not yet been play tested.
This is a kender type creature.


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