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401. Some torn lace donated by Juniper Berrybane
402. A pair of golden orbs. donated by Juniper Berrybane
403. A clear green flattened pebble donated by Juniper Berrybane
404. A small pouch of powdered silver donated by Juniper Berrybane
405. A handful of amethyst chips donated by Juniper Berrybane
406. A pink apron with a picture of a chicken on it donated by Juniper Berrybane
407. A silver cloak clasp set with three red gems donated by Juniper Berrybane
408. A silver medallion marked with magical-looking writing donated by Juniper Berrybane
409. A handful of golden dragon scales donated by Juniper Berrybane
410. Raistlin's Underpants!! (giggle) donated by Shadowchild
411. +5 Garden Gnome of Exploding donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
412. One dark blue tin with an image depicting a rectangular meat. The image is captioned "SPAM" in yellow text. donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
413. Pink powder of mayhem. donated by Jastom Cloverleaf
414. The cutest little amulet of Mass Destruction you ever saw. donated by Jastom Cloverleaf
415. A very pretty broach with the word "usagi" on it. Wonder what it does? donated by Broach
416. a small rodent
417. Poisonious fang
418. Ale mug
419. Lock of Hair from a Griffon donated by Aurora Half Elf
420. lockpick set donated by Dragon13
421. Gnishosh's Gnomish sea-sickness pills.... makes you sick before you go anywhere near a boat (and so saves time and effort). donated by Illithidbix
422. minotaur mask donated by kelindorf treesniffer
423. 2lbs of mixed nutz donated by kelindorf treesniffer
424. a wizards glass eye donated by kelindorf treesniffer
425. Thong of Takhisis- wow, five headed dragon panties, what a sail donated by Smallfry Scribblenot
426. Lump- pet dust bunny donated by Smallfry Scribblenot
427. The Holy Blunted Spoon of Squirrel-Slaying!...What? Rabbit-Slaying is all good, but the precious squirrels don't deserve it? Yeah, right. donated by The One-Fufu
428. makesmanylightsandsparkscomeout. (tranlation) does 6d4 after lit and has a range of 60 meters donated by TheGnomeMachineOfManywonderfulthings
429. Xelios Aramak's record book of practical jokes donated by Tobigera
430. a giant cartoon question mark ("?") and accompanying exclamation point ("!") for comical moments. donated by Lliyda Kaithamiel
431. toothbrush with bad-hygene effects donated by Lliyda Kaithamiel
432. A gorilla in a too-too that, after hearing a rooster crow, does the funky chicken while touching his tongue to his nose. (very useful) donated by Lliyda Kaithamiel
433. A small picture of someone, not really clear of whom. donated by Fairytale
434. The stone of scaring tigers! (Hey look what i found... a stone to scare tigers away! What? You say it dosn't work! Can you see any tigers around here?). (said out on the crystalmir waters) donated by Adrian Malicius
435. Bag of disapearing: Every time you put it in your pockets it disapears (does only work in kendermore) donated by Adrian Malicius
436. Cheese of insults. Insults whoever trys to eat it. donated by Ket Squirrelchaser
437. a repel evil clowns spell donated by Ket Squirrelchaser
438. A letter to Raistlin which reads ( The Squirrels are coming!!! Run for your life!) donated by Ket Squirrelchaser
439. A Rabid Squirrel!!! donated by Ket Squirrelchaser
440. a glass jar, and look what's inside. It's a magic fairy!!! donated by Ket Squirrelchaser
441. Map of Wandering - maps where ever you go to the tiniest details. donated by Maralys Fullpouch
442. an encrypted message written in strange but beautiful letters
443. A smurf (why you ask? Oh, you didn't)
444. The great book of kendergames... Including the farfarmed doorskiing donated by Sir Gouda
445. The Fake Beard... of DOOM!! donated by Trillia
446. A tee-shirt reading in big letters "Plush Cthulhu Ate My Soul!" and a tally chart on the back. donated by Trillia
447. An odd deck of cards... the words deck of many things comes to mind. donated by Gnas
448. 'How to become friends with Gods' By Tasselhoff Burrfoot donated by Kenderchicky
449. book named 'Earwig Lockpicker's Guide to Kender Entrances' donated by Kenderchicky
450. A single paper with the headline "Kender Travel Patterns" written on it. It's otherwise blank donated by Kenderchicky
451. enormous book entitled "Dwarven Drinking Songs, Part 734: Lewd Ballads About Humans, Sections 50-2000' donated by Kenderchicky
452. Bertrem's secret journal donated by Kenderchicky
453. a scroll describing how to disembowl a kender donated by Kenderchicky
454. a singing sword that sings "Luck be a lady tonight" donated by Crotan
455. A blue cloak with a goul's blood (grape jelly) stain on it donated by Geckle Zoofinder
456. A wand with the name plate "Harry Potter" (who the heck is he?)
457. A Season pass to the Players of Gilean donated by Rabidbaboon42
458. A mechenical mouse that runs around in circles saying,"Hug me." donated by Teywin Strayfingers
459. A large, 1,453 page book entitled: "Keys to the Mysteries of the Universe"...hehe, all it's pages are blank. donated by Lliyda
460. A small slip of yellow paper declaring the next kender or gullydwarf who bears it to be the Ruler of the Cosmos for the next three minutes. *shudder* donated by Lliyda
461. A tiny little wasp wearing a sombrero that constantly shouts "Senor Wasp wants a mucho grande hug!" donated by El Penito the Speedy Bandito
462. The Ugly Stick. The gods beat some dwarves with this stick after they fell off a turnip cart. This is how Gully dwarves really came into existence. donated by Peregrin Lighttongue
463. A Shirt Specially Made for the Kender that Reads IT WASN'T ME!; maybe that will leave the blame off of poor kenders "GET BACK HERE THEIF!" maybe not. donated by Half-Elven
464. A small pouch of powder that, when inhaled, creates a live double of yourself!
465. A 3in. thick book (written by me!) giving reasons why NOT to repeatedly poke Raistlin's forehead when he's having one of his coughing spasms, starting with: 1) His revenge... donated by Xaveri Silkyhair
466. Kenders Guild to the World: A Collection of Maps donated by Keeshi
467. A Build It Yourself: Gnomish Kender De-Maker donated by Keeshi
468. A Build it Yourself Dragon Orb Kit donated by Keeshi
469. Bottomless Bottle of Ale donated by Keeshi
470. 1 chunk of moss with a small woodland creature inside donated by Valentine Knotwillow
471. a pipe that produces smoke rings when used donated by Keb mo Krak
472. stick of standing-stands vertical where placed donated by Keb mo Krak
473. key to "Al-Azid's Ghostly palace" donated by Keb mo Krak
474. neverfull cup, all liquids are absorbed-liquid reappears when upended donated by Keb mo Krak
475. glass orb containing dancing monkey illusion donated by Keb mo Krak
476. A rock chip of antimagic 5' donated by Keb mo Krak
477. Raistlin's white wig....he's really bald!! but shhh....it's a secret! donated by Shinigami
478. The collapsable temple to yourself.(complete with clerics, and holy water fountains) donated by Tarevan Haelin
479. A metal comb with glass gems donated by Kazaera
480. A glass ball that glows whenever you don't want it to donated by Kazaera
481. 1d4 green arrows+1 against green monsters donated by Histerbriff woodspoon
482. chess board donated by aramil nilo
483. Iron manicle donated by aramil nilo
484. shrinking thong donated by aramil nilo
485. singing underware donated by aramil nilo
486. potion of green trees. turns the drinker green, and sumons three ents donated by kern half anoying
487. Petrified Cypress Cone, from the grove of the tower of high sorcery that was once in Losacrum, The Ruins donated by Rabidbaboon42
488. Quill of spelling (never spell anyting wong agin!) donated by Void Dragon from another world
489. a gerbil who hypnotizes you if you look it straight in the left eye with your right...REALLY! donated by annonymous
490. My sister's diary, filled with nothing but love letters to Raistlin; hahaha! donated by Xaveri Silkyhair
491. Lost diary of "Xaveri Silkyhair: Legendary Chicken-Slayer of Kendermoore!" donated by Xaveri Silkyhair
492. A peculiar metal case with the word "lightsaber: do not open unless Jedi emergency" engraved on the outside...Jedi? must be some knew order of magic... donated by Queen Kiatha
493. A vial that, when opened, emits the sound of a thousand tiny kender singing about a yellow s...sub...sub-marine??? Whas that? donated by Queen Kiatha
494. A sleeping potato...well, it's not moving, is it? donated by Queen Kiatha
495. A novel written by a gullydwarf...? donated by Queen Kiatha
496. Small stuffed goblin toy with a pull-string that when you pull it, it says, "Bite Me!" donated by Theldoran Wigglehelm
497. Rubber Bouncie Ball +2 (returns when thrown by a kender) donated by Latchkey Windseed
498. Red Robe (Once Raistlin's) donated by Jahunn Yassletoff
499. Soapy Wash Rag of Gully Dwarf bane (actually not magical, they just hate it) donated by Chic Pouchfinder
500. +1 cottonswab of earwax bane donated by Dorn Nimblefur (Gnome)
501. +3 straw wrapper of chocolate button summoning! donated by Trillia (idea by Namfoodle)
502. An inkpot full of glow-in-the-dark ink. This could be fun. donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
503. A leaf from the shield-tree in Silvanesti donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
504. A stamp for the message "Property of the Intergalactic DM" donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
505. A pair of draconian-hide gloves donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
506. A very angry hand from a certain grove in Palanthas... donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
507. A piece of parchment which behaves like a magic eight ball when submerged in water donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
508. Yet another overpriced, hard cover Forgotten Realms book donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
509. A piece of parchment with one side that sticks to any surface. The other side, of course, reads "KICK ME!" donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
510. A Blue tome labeled "NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR - by George Orwell" So this is where they get it all from... donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
511. A Quill of Spilt Ink Gags donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
512. A sign that was once used in a pre-cataclysm strike. It reads "KINGPRIEST GO HOME!" donated by Adereth Olor-Wilë
513. A book of '101 ways to agrivate your friends'
514. A portable toilet. Can't travel without a portable toilet can ya! donated by Brighteyes
515. Flint's armpit hair. donated by Brighteyes
516. The gold that comes off of Raistlin when he sheds his skin. donated by Brighteyes
517. Little heros of the lance action figures! Tas really taunts! Raistlin really tries to get Tas to shut up! Tanis and Laurana really argue! Etc... donated by Brighteyes
518. a fake dwarven beard (mites included!) donated by Corynna Skylark
519. one arm brace with elven silverwork on it donated by Corynna Skylark
520. Rusted caltrops donated by Corynna Skylark
521. a book of bawdy tavern songs donated by Corynna Skylark
522. a sign that says "I'm with stupid" donated by Corynna Skylark
523. quill of eternally refilling ink donated by Corynna Skylark
524. Life size Sturm Brightblade action figure with Kung-Fu mustache donated by Haroth Coollookingthingholder
525. A fryinbg pan with a huge dent on the bottom from where it accedentily collided with someone's head once or twice donated by Airy Thislewhomper
526. Jesters multi-colored hat donated by Ellenion Waterlily
527. A chicken that lays golden eggs donated by Ellenion Waterlily
528. A harp with a lady on it that sings donated by Ellenion Waterlily
529. An Ocarina of Time Travel donated by Ellenion Waterlily
530. An enchanted golden pirates eyepatch donated by Ellenion Waterlily
531. Every Kender's favorite object: a magic key that can open ANYTHING! donated by Saera Starcatcher
532. How the World Really Works: An Illustrated Guide (A copy of the DMG) donated by Taryn Pickenhands
533. A scroll and a kender pouch. the scroll is labeled: "1000 ways to cook a Kender: You'll never go hungry again!" donated by Tabouri Buckfane
534. the local mage's familiar donated by Stranton
535. 1d4 sling stones+1 donated by Efeu Treetopper
536. A map to Krynn Space (Spell Jammer) donated by Efeu Treetopper
537. Scale of Draconian Attraction, will atrack any draconians nearby and increase the chances of an encounter (cursed item) donated by Efeu Treetopper
538. Potion of the Spirited Kender; heals any afflicted kender donated by Efeu Treetopper
539. Potion of Kender Fear. Contains the death cries of the kender from Kendermore and turns any kender that drinks it into an afflicted one donated by Efeu Treetopper
540. A bottle filled with the breath of a shadow dragon donated by Efeu Treetopper
541. Kick-Me Stickers of Command; when placed on the back of someone, everybody will kick him donated by Efeu Treetopper
542. Ring of Taunt Reversion; creature taunted laughs abouts the insults donated by Efeu Treetopper
543. Feather Of Kender Innocence, no one would blame the kender for missing stuff donated by Efeu Treetopper
544. Yuk! Gully Dwarfs shoes! (They STINK!)
545. +6 wooden spoon. (for stirring trouble) donated by Trill
546. Little baby draconian (Ouch! It bite me!)
547. A Jar With The Gods in it(Who would have guessed THATS where they've been all these years) donated by Tabouri Buckfane
548. a curly, black dwarf beard (i hope Reorx isn't too mad...) donated by Kalla Thistlebreeze
549. The Silver Noseplugs donated by Tabouri Buckfane
550. golden bunny ears donated by Nano Sticktwizler
551. A strange pointed hat... Oh, you were looking for it, Fizban? You must've dropped it! Fun how you keep losing it, ain't it? donated by Splinter Kickbottom
552. Silver spoon
553. a map of a flying citadel
554. Raistlin's hourglass eye contacts donated by Holly Moonwillow
555. A journal with the last entry 300AC "One day the kender went missing........" donated by Kazzelhoff Bluemane
556. Uncle Tas' glasses of true seeing....... donated by Kazzelhoff Bluemane
557. Eight tiny deamons in a little glass jar. donated by Orvil Trapjumper
558. Lord Soth's Velvet Pink Pajamas donated by Orvil Trapjumper
559. princes signet ring donated by isykle
560. A mouse with a tattoo on it's belly that reads, "If Found: Please return to the Wayreth Medical Testing Facilities, Thank you. donated by Hannah HalfHaven
561. nice clean white elf socks. donated by Melloth
562. scroll of swapping(causes the user to randomly trade places with someone within a 200 ft radius of the user) donated by Fizzlewig Trapspringer
563. a small conch playing "für elise" when blowed donated by Hauke Gründer
564. Wand of Polymorph Any Other donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
565. 6 sprigs of wormwood (addictive, causes mass hyperness) donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
566. Uncle Trapspringer's Lockpick, counts as a Lockpick with a +10 sacred bonus to Open Lock checks. donated by Chao Lord
567. Uncle Trapspringer's pouch. Counts as a Pouch Of Holding, unlimited space. donated by Chao Lord
568. Uncle Trapspringer's Hoopak. This counts as a +5 hoopak with +10 against Goblins donated by Chao Lord
569. A Robe Of Pouches (kender sized). The Robe has 1d20 random magic or nonmagic items in the pouches donated by Chao Lord
570. Raistlin's Stuffed Dragon donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
571. Incredible blanket of folding, when unfolded it can still be unfolded! donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
572. Bottled Female essance: If released in any way, makes all males in 20 yards think they're female for the whole day, great fun! donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
573. The Journal of Uncle Trapspringer donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
574. The flaming marble of flames! Sets fire on contact with any and all flamable substances donated by Rashi Pouchfur, Kender Mage!
575. Reorx's hammer donated by Chao Lord
576. Raistlin's Robes...uh-oh... donated by Chao Lord
577. Annual "druids of Qualinesti" swimsuit edition donated by Twissleknot Magicbane
578. Pouch of Larger Size - A small pouch that holds in it a LARGER pouch, oooh that is sooo neat! donated by Twissleknot Magicbane
579. Pouch of NeverEnding - A normal pouch that holds in it a smaller pouch that holds in it a smaller pouch that... donated by Twissleknot Magicbane
580. The kender's latest aquaintance, pulled from a magic pouch, looking quite disheveled and put off. donated by Lanthanaas
581. Gully Dwarf Food (YUK!) donated by Fornson Strayfingers
582. Your Gnome friends Solamnic Army Knife donated by Fornson Strayfingers
583. A fork with elven designs on it donated by Fornson Strayfingers
584. Two orbs with dragons on them (green and red) that when shaken make ringing noises donated by Serephina
585. A knights moustache. ("I didnt think he needed it and it looked interesting so I cut it off when he was asleep.") donated by Moonstone Whitesky
586. Fake beard donated by Moonstone Whitesky
587. A diamond encrusted choker. donated by Moonstone Whitesky
588. A silver tiara. donated by Moonstone Whitesky
589. A golden crown. donated by Moonstone Whitesky
590. Potion of Ridiculous Energy (property of a kender mage - sorry Kirrie) donated by Trillia
591. Map of Tarsis donated by Trundle Dragonslayer
592. a black dragons scale donated by Trundle Dragonslayer
593. Khisants sword necklace, shrunken to kender size donated by Trundle Dragonslayer
594. a barrel of beer, small one donated by Trundle Dragonslayer
595. +2 peanuts, "What do you mean +2 peanuts? +2 what?" "I don't know but thats what is written on the peanuts." donated by Trundle Dragonslayer
596. A book entitled: 100 things to WOOSH a kender into! written by Rastlin, borrowed by Tas. donated by Neko Skippingcat
597. A lock of Silvaras hair. donated by Shinya Goodchild
598. A map to the treasure of bandit king Growl of the minotaurs. donated by Shinya Goodchild
599. Bracelet of Agility. -4 to dex and str. donated by Crowseek Blackhunt
600. Firewood of longevity. Lasts for a whole month of camping fires. donated by Crowseek Blackhunt
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