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1. the demon spawn of Takhisis...AWE!! its so cute wif its wittle cwas and wittle teef! donated by Miep
2. Wand of Armpit Aroma (when used, a cloud of nasty armpit odor appears) donated by Sashalulu Meadowhopper
3. Ninja Fighting Penguins donated by Sashalulu Meadowhopper
4. Incense of Obsession (when used the person who smells it becomes obsessed with the first person they see) donated by Sashalulu Meadowhopper
5. a book titled "How To Care For Your Cheese-Mold". the book is covered in blue fungus donated by Miep
6. sling donated by Tas jr.
7. Rabbit Foot
8. Cat Teeth Necklace
9. a set of weighted dice (I *found* them, honest) donated by kelderek
10. Krynn's only kender-mage donated by Miep
11. Caramon's weight training program donated by Miep
12. Ring of Kenderform (turns kender into elves and elves into kender) donated by Fox Wilder
13. A magic map that points to the nearest interesting thing donated by Isaac Lockpopper
14. Raistlin's pet bunny
15. Pouch of Mordiky's Mansion donated by Flimfoodle McNoodle Boodle
16. Chewed up old Dragon Saddle donated by Davazhar Voshal
17. Water catching doflicker donated by Davazhar Voshal
18. Knights Backscratcher donated by Davazhar Voshal
19. +1 Rubberball of bouncing donated by Tanikheart Quickhands
20. dragon egg donated by hi
21. "How to Moo Minotaur" by Taiwin Cowtaunter donated by Berryleif Sielmage
22. A tiny leather bond volume in a strage script donated by Unevenstar
23. A Dragon-in-a-box
24. Box titled, "YOU DO NOT WANT TO OPEN THIS!!!"
25. A red thong adoghraphed by Raistlin....AAAAHH! it Crysania's donated by Miep Guberfield
26. Staff of Magius donated by The shrunk Staff of Magius(I should say Raistlin)
27. The time travel device donated by The Time Travel Device
28. List of questions to ask every race on Krynn.
29. a pet rock
30. yellow chalk
31. maps
32. another kender's pouch
33. Raistlin's dragon orb (that's where it went)
34. Spiced potatoes
35. Tika's skillet
36. some elf's underware
37. dead lizard
38. Raistlin's diet plan
39. fizban's hat
40. Disks of Mishakal
41. A +4 nose picker (eww... you know i think that was Flints!!! eww)
42. A rubber staff of Magius
43. Raistlin Acion Figure (complete with Bunnies) donated by Shony
44. Holy Spork of Solace donated by Shony
45. A book of things you can fill this space with (Handy, I think I'll keep it) donated by Dania QK
46. Bag full of nothing donated by Tanis
47. Rat's Finger bone which was thought to be a minotaurs donated by Tanis the Master
48. A chunk of shiny ice donated by Stephen Williamson
49. Tangled elastic bands donated by Howard
50. Magikarp donated by Howard
51. Eight tiny reindeer (really, REALLY tiny) donated by Howard
52. One chopstick donated by Howard
53. Cuttlebone donated by Howard
54. Potted Venus Fly Trap donated by Howard
55. Spider that screams loudly when exposed to light donated by Howard
56. Old dried-out corn cob donated by Howard
57. Thriving society of ants in the midst of a revolution donated by Howard
58. Holy Hand Grenade donated by Howard
59. Piece of toast that was bitten by Raistlin Majere donated by Howard
60. Small, mouth-blown reed instrument donated by Howard
61. Black carnival mask decorated with feathers donated by Flannelcat
62. Pebbles donated by Flannelcat
63. Spare Hoopak twine donated by Flannelcat
64. Green Hood donated by Flannelcat
65. Scrap of paper with the words "Get out of jail free" donated by Flannelcat
66. Blank scrap of parchment stained with berry juice donated by Flannelcat
67. Squashed Berries donated by Flannelcat
68. Three Silver Needles donated by Flannelcat
69. Coloured Thread donated by Flannelcat
70. Dozen Bracelets Made of Twine donated by Flannelcat
71. This scroll is used to summon a bored kendar at any place you know. Mostly used by sorcerer or wizards aprentices that wants to agrivate to master. donated by Scroll of summon kendars
72. Belt donated by Jebbado's fun bag
73. 13 assorted small keys
74. Small Gnomish "Secure-a-key"(used to keep Kender from taking keys)
75. IOU 2 steel coins. signed Highbulp Phuge I. The great. donated by Sartas Regem
76. Cherry Drink (HIGHLY alcoholic) donated by Sartas Regem
77. Lizard cure (wear it, it cure cough in two days!) donated by Sartas Regem
78. Finger bone of a minotaur that also happened to be a lycanthrope donated by Sartas Regem
79. Directions to bottomless pit filled with platinum coins. (Go west, or maybe it's east, until you get to Kendermore, or maybe it's Solace. Then, you take a left at the statue of, (no more space left) donated by Sartas Regem
80. Unopened flask of Dwarf Spirits donated by Josiah Stormrider
81. A platinum toothpick donated by Josiah Stormrider
82. A set of dice carved from gemstones donated by Josiah Stormrider
83. twelve silver coins donated by Ethanicus Pebblehand
84. A feathered glove donated by Ethanicus Pebblehand
85. Map of Asalon with the letters P.C. on it
86. Chunk of Green Plastic
87. Vampire's false teeth donated by Vampire's false teeth
88. A small glass jar of stuffing. donated by Boggersnot Walkingstick
89. Magical never-ending bar of soap donated by Mayla Lissiel
90. An Irda's toenail clippings donated by irken][nvader
91. Tanis' Ring donated by tanis
92. a magical twig (when planted, becomes an apple tree in three rounds, bearing fruit; always bears fruit no matter the time of the year) donated by osborne whistledriegon
93. a chunk of bastard sword blade donated by osborne whistledriegon
94. a hard boiled goose eg donated by osborne whistledriegon
95. Ring of invisibility (The ring turns invisible when you put it on) donated by Zippy Burrfoot
96. a bundle of feathers donated by darkou
97. fools gold donated by darkou
98. assorted bread crumbs donated by darkou
99. a broken quill donated by darkou
100. a small container of red face paint donated by darkou
101. a rusted butterfly knife donated by darkou
102. dead scorpion donated by darkou
103. slightly ripped gift wrappings donated by darkou
104. dull green book cover donated by darkou
105. A Mechanical Chicken. If you push the button on its right foot, it explodes, covering everything within 10 feet of it in Confetti and Gravy. (Probably made by Gnomes...) donated by Neal Fisher
106. Ever smelling peice of cheese +(fort sav. 15 or be rendered unconcience donated by Elrebrin Frelin
107. Shoe of throwing +5 donated by Elrebrin Frelin
108. ugly stick (to beat uglyness out of people) donated by Edward Noing
109. unicorn horn donated by pagh yelane
110. bat wings donated by pagh yelane
111. a copy of "this and that worthless gnome sayings" donated by pagh yelane
112. a silver coin worth absolutly nothing donated by pagh yelane
113. scroll of teleportation donated by pagh yelane
114. tiger bone quill and ink donated by pagh yelane
115. a wooden ladel with "mystical" properties donated by ladel of swift serving
116. a pirate scarf donated by Ahab Trapspringer
117. a silverware bowl (exquisite) donated by Ahab Trapspringer
118. a pair of silver knives donated by Ahab Trapspringer
119. a small bottle with a message donated by Ahab Trapspringer
120. white gloves made of whale hide donated by Ahab Trapspringer
121. rainbow color pants donated by Ahab Trapspringer
122. parrot feathers donated by Ahab Trapspringer
123. a telescope (pure glass) donated by Ahab Trapspringer
124. a steel tooth (minotaur) donated by Ahab Trapspringer
125. five feet of rope (very strong) donated by Ahab Trapspringer
126. the hilt of a sabre donated by Ahab Trapspringer
127. a wicked looking dagger donated by Ahab Trapspringer
128. silver coins with the image of Hiddukel donated by Ahab Trapspringer
129. steel coins with the image of a minotaur donated by Ahab Trapspringer
130. golden coins with the image of an Istarian kingpriest donated by Ahab Trapspringer
131. miniature anchor (made of steel) donated by Ahab Trapspringer
132. a pouch full of black pearls donated by Ahab Trapspringer
133. the logbook of the ship Joyrider donated by Ahab Trapspringer
134. scorched map to a treasure island donated by Ahab Trapspringer
135. jade ring with the image of a female dimernesti donated by Ahab Trapspringer
136. squid in a jar donated by Ahab Trapspringer
137. a bundle of sailcloth donated by Ahab Trapspringer
138. the tip of a harpoon donated by Ahab Trapspringer
139. salted whalemeat (white) donated by Ahab Trapspringer
140. a dried up pea donated by osborne whistledriegon
141. gnomish mechanical pencil (steams a lot, weighs 10 lbs, no lead) donated by osborne whistledriegon
142. dunno, it's invisible; it IS kinda squishy, and it makes a purring noise if you pet it donated by osborne whistledriegon
143. a vial marked "do not drink" donated by osborne whistledriegon
144. a monocle donated by osborne whistledriegon
145. a piece of unchewed gum donated by osborne whistledriegon
146. a really really really small diamond (value 1steel piece) donated by osborne whistledriegon
147. dagger of throwing, +2 donated by osborne whistledriegon
148. a yellow canary feather donated by osborne whistledriegon
149. a scrollcase containing 1d6 legitamate treasure maps donated by osborne whistledriegon
150. a random art object donated by osborne whistledriegon
151. 3d8 random gems donated by osborne whistledriegon
152. the lid to a ceramic teapot donated by osborne whistledriegon
153. a copper bracelet donated by osborne whistledriegon
154. a piece of bright yellow candle wax donated by osborne whistledriegon
155. the missing link from a mithral chain shirt donated by osborne whistledriegon
156. ring of spell turning (when activated, a loud voice says "T-U-R-N-I-N-G; Turning" donated by osborne whistledriegon
157. amulet of inescapable location donated by osborne whistledriegon
158. well of many worlds (a kenders best dream, a planeswalkers worst nightmare) donated by osborne whistledriegon
159. full jar of universal solvent donated by osborne whistledriegon
160. strand of prayer beads donated by osborne whistledriegon
161. bupu's ruby donated by osborne whistledriegon
162. a copy of "The Gospels of Sargonnas" donated by osborne whistledriegon
163. wand of cure serious wounds donated by osborne whistledriegon
164. bracers of armor +4 donated by osborne whistledriegon
165. ring of teleport without error donated by osborne whistledriegon
166. a pre cataclysm map donated by osborne whistledriegon
167. rod of summon kender (calls 1d4 kender, who all have this wand) donated by osborne whistledriegon
168. ring of air elemental command donated by osborne whistledriegon
169. a spool of copper wire donated by osborne whistledriegon
170. an invisible "something" donated by osborne whistledriegon
171. kender spoon of stirring donated by osborne whistledriegon
172. dart of homing (+5, crit range 15-20/x4 damage) donated by osborne whistledriegon
173. a book entitled "How to Create a Moat in 5 Easy Steps" by Waldo Furrfoot donated by molson beerfoot
174. boots made for walking (and that's just what they'll do) donated by molson beerfoot
175. +1 diaper of stinking (fort save dc 15 or target is nauseated donated by molson beerfoot
176. piece of parchment with 1d4 random arcane spells that anyone can cast (they never disappear after being cast... they're always available) donated by molson beerfoot
177. 3d4 exploding sling bullets (2d6 damage, reflex dc 15 for 1/2) donated by molson beerfoot
178. 4d8 steel pieces donated by molson beerfoot
179. a master list of what's really in your pouches (magical, always current) donated by osborne Whistledriegon
180. donkey hair donated by osborne Whistledriegon
181. Caramon's Flask of Dwarf Spirits donated by osborne Whistledriegon
182. 2d20 thorns from a rose bush donated by osborne Whistledriegon
183. small, nonpoisonous green snake donated by osborne Whistledriegon
184. wand of magic missiles (7th level) donated by osborne Whistledriegon
185. a Deck of Many Things donated by osborne Whistledriegon
186. half a lute string donated by osborne Whistledriegon
187. magical lockpick set + 10 donated by osborne Whistledriegon
188. Small, blue card that says "get out of jail free" donated by osborne Whistledriegon
189. everful mug donated by osborne Whistledriegon
190. dragonfly medallion donated by osborne Whistledriegon
191. bag of endless caltrops donated by osborne Whistledriegon
192. dart of pinning donated by osborne Whistledriegon
193. dagger of defense donated by osborne Whistledriegon
194. dagger of entry donated by osborne Whistledriegon
195. chain of entangling donated by osborne Whistledriegon
196. triple dagger + 2 of venom donated by osborne Whistledriegon
197. a leash for a squirrel donated by osborne Whistledriegon
198. a piece of paper that asks "if quizzes are quizicals, what are tests?" donated by osborne Whistledriegon
199. ring of regeneration 12 donated by molson beerfoot
200. a rope of skipping (+3) donated by osborne Whistledriegon
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