Kender Pouch Grab Rules

Many people wonder just how a kender uses their pouches. It takes extra time for a DM to deal with them so most DM's are just annoyed at having to deal with it at all. But if you can find a good DM that is "kender-freindly" you can usually get him or her to follow the rules for switching out your pouch items every now and then and it makes the game a little more interesting or exciting. For more information on handling you can read this article on How to Handle Handling. Here are the general rules:


Kender looking for a particular item that is located within their pouches must take a full action of searching in order find what they are looking for. The Pouch Grab table above is for determining a pouch grab as a free action. So when a kender declares she's making a pouch grab she must state whether it's a full action pouch grab or a free action pouch grab. If it's a full action she can retrieve a specific item, if it's a free action you just roll and see what comes out.


A Kender may reach into a pouch, pull something out, and use it in the same round, but this item is randomly determined by a roll, or by the DM. If a kender is looking for a specific item it takes up to 1d4 rounds of searching before it is found and then it may be used in the following round. The DM and the player must determine a set number of items that the kender can carry. Then, when a kender picks up a new item, you must randomly replace one object from the list with the recently acquired item.

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