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201. an un-tuned silver flute of deafening donated by osborne Whistledriegon
202. a trio of chopsticks + 3 donated by osborne Whistledriegon
203. a stick of nosepicking (shaped like a finger) donated by osborne Whistledriegon
204. ring of everchanging gender donated by osborne Whistledriegon
205. pair of gnomish glasses with one cracked lens donated by osborne Whisledriegon
206. a dragon whistle (acts like a dog whistle, except on dragons) donated by osborne Whistledriegon
207. 1d8 caltrops of wounding donated by osborne Whistledriegon
208. vial of rust donated by osborne Whisledriegon
209. a stick
210. a red-brown leather map tube with a 'm' inlaid in gold on the lid
211. 1 D4 +1 magical throwing knives
212. A jagged piece of glass, dealing 1 point of damage to the kender when they grab it.if they are just rummaging through the pouch randomly. donated by Marcivo
213. A book titled " 101 Ways to Escape a Kender" donated by Longknot Eartwister
214. The last journal entry of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, which reads: "But she's so pretty! Who would've thought that Takhisis would get that mad!! I only took one of her smaller scales!" donated by Pinchflinch Hotfoot
215. Magic Wand donated by Rachel Wagner
216. A VooDoo Doll donated by Rachel Wagner
217. A mosquito stuck in amber colored goo turned to something like glass. donated by Emaleth Slieghthand Lighteyes
218. Flask of "water", the dwarf asked you to hold cause the half elf keeps taking it away from him. donated by Emaleth Slieghthand Lighteyes
219. A love note To one of your comrades From one of your comrades. donated by Emaleth Slieghthand Lighteyes
220. A scroll entitled '45 things Tanis is afraid of' #1. Bananas growing out of his ears...
221. '101+ reasons why kender and hobbits are alike'
222. Book entitled '100+ reasons why kender and hobbits are different"
223. InstLegolas! For all fankender- just add water!
224. A pink Cloak of Polka-dot Invisibillity donated by Burrhoff Tasselfoot
225. Kender-Flavored Toothpaste of +3 agillity donated by Burrhoff Tasselfoot
226. A Realistic-Looking DragonLance ToothPick donated by Dark_Merlyn
227. the bookon "5,000 stupid songs to sing just for the heck of it" donated by fibwall snoozerleaf
228. A pack of cursed waffles that scream as you eat them donated by fibwall snoozerleaf
229. a book entitled "The 3 million uses for herring other than cooking" by the Knights who say Ni donated by fibwall snoozerleaf
230. a bottle filled with "anti-misquito non disrepellent" donated by fibwall snoozerleaf
231. a quill with the inscription of "literacy=lunacy, you lunatic" donated by fibwall snoozerleaf
232. Freaky twisted pig ear donated by Tasslehoff44
233. Confusing gnomish mathematics book donated by Tasslehoff44
234. Tasslehoffs guide to being magiked donated by Tasslehoff44
235. Gnomish cooking with gears donated by Tasslehoff44
236. Shapeless peice of jade donated by Tasslehoff44
237. Squid suction cups donated by Tasslehoff44
238. Large opal donated by Tasslehoff44
239. Rotten cracked egg donated by Tasslehoff44
240. Exploding balls of power donated by Tasslehoff44
241. Sun Dried Frog legs donated by Tasslehoff44
242. soaked sock donated by Tasslehoff44
243. Chair of Bat Slaying +1 donated by Marina
244. A pink hairbrush labeled "Pretty Princess". Ew... it was Raistlin's!
245. A bag of marshmallows
246. A peanut
247. A walnut
248. A ball of yarn
249. A Troll's Nose Hair(+2 tickling/cause sickness) donated by Vercalos al'Corlin
250. Knife of Kenwizardry (a +3 knife if the user is a kender, a -3 knife to everyone else) donated by Spellspun Magewise
251. Faithful Travel Journal (records everything the owner has done, with illustrations. When given to a new owner all previous markings dissappear) donated by Spellspun Magewise
252. Staff of Kenwizardry (if the user is a kender, he will always succeed in his concentration checks) donated by Spellspun Magewise
253. Scroll of Fizban's Children (grants +5 to a random attribute to all kender in sight of the caster for a minute) donated by Spellspun Magewise
254. Scroll of Kenderparty (every lock within 100 meters of the caster is suddenly locked) donated by Spellspun Magewise
255. Scroll of Lost & Found (every item within 10 meters of the caster switches places) donated by Spellspun Magewise
256. Magic ring of uglyness... Transforms you into a Miniataur! donated by AllanTheDevil
257. Miniature Giant Space Hamster donated by AllanTheDevil
258. Invisable knife donated by Sitaiana
259. Piece of blue glass with a bug inside it donated by Pick Tealeaf
260. Caramon's pink, fuzzy bunny jammies.(complete with ears and feet) donated by Fizban
261. Stick to scratch your back made of hogweed donated by Kyle Itemlonggone
262. Lucky Wererabbits foot donated by Thicklewhiff Grub
263. 200,000 page book, "The Time I Saw a Wooly Mammoth" by Tasselhoff Burrfoot donated by Daylyn Nightbringer
264. Painting of the God's Amatuers All Comers Karaoke night donated by Armenius Piklok
265. Bottle of Takhisis's scale polish donated by Armenius Piklok
266. Flying citadel operations manual donated by Armenius Piklok
267. Wand of AntiMosquito Shell donated by Armenius Piklok
268. Cyclop's second eye donated by Armenius Piklok
269. A book called Thievius Raccoonus donated by ChangeRedhawk
270. A little red and white ball that changes size and *pop* has a large electric mouse in it. donated by ChangeRedhawk
271. An ace of spades... but it's made of razor-sharp steel... donated by Tarkhisis's neice, Bonny
272. A slug that takes over people's minds... ooo, it fits right into your ear... donated by Tarkhisis's neice, Bonny
273. 1 bright yellow mouse like creature with red cheeks and a strange, lightning shaped tail... what's it doing?...Bzzzt! donated by Tarkhisis's neice, Bonny
274. a small round pink thing, that melts pink on me and is marked M&M donated by Tarkhisis's neice, Bonny
275. A tiny carved mouse inside a clear blue ball donated by Tarkhisis's neice, Bonny
276. A ring with a bunch of funny writing on it, ooooh, hey who are thoes dudes in the black? donated by Thrakena raindance
277. A "Death of Sturm" paint-by-numbers set donated by Dreamer Jingleheim
278. A Dalamar Action figure (with realistic burn marks on his chest!!!)
279. A super duper marshmallow that has a karate-chop feature!
280. A wooden domino that says: "BRITCHES!!" when you poke it.
281. The glasses of False seeing (they make Fizban look like a goblin!)
282. A book titled " -1 Ways to Stop a Kender from Invading the Privacy of Your Pouches"
283. A pair of silver scissors shaped like a stork donated by Changeling
284. small pewter figure of a kender donated by Thorn and NOVA
285. Rock that tastes funny donated by Thorn and NOVA
286. Jar of Elbow Grease donated by Thorn
287. Button with a boat painted on it donated by Thorn
288. Magical Soap of Erase Blame donated by Imperial NOVA
289. Handful of flash powder donated by Changeling
290. Silver ring in the shape of a circling dolphin donated by Changeling
291. Bead of red glass donated by Changeling
292. Copper coin punched through and strung onto a black cord donated by Changeling
293. Smooth stone with a hole through the center donated by Changeling
294. Small throwing dagger with the letter M engraved on the hilt donated by Changeling
295. Sparkling blue marble donated by Changeling
296. Broken silver chain donated by Changeling
297. Richly embroidered ribbon donated by Changeling
298. Small statuette in the shape of a lamb donated by Changeling
299. Silver earring set with tiny emeralds donated by Changeling
300. Multicolored pebble donated by Changeling
301. Piece of green amber donated by Changeling
302. Small scrap of tooled leather, probably torn from a piece of armor donated by Changeling
303. Small flask containing an emerald-green liquid donated by Changeling
304. Cleverly painted wooden button donated by Changeling
305. Yellow, pink and blue sock donated by Katana Whistlebridge
306. Dreamcatcher of Elemental Reist +5 (only works against dreams) donated by Tari Featherpouch
307. List of Forgetting (write down what you want to forget, and you'll always be reminded of it becauseit's on a list) donated by Gamerchord
308. Fizban's hat donated by Gamerchord
309. Takhisis trapped in a marble donated by Gamerchord
310. Book entitled: Why Not to Annoy Chaos donated by Gamerchord
311. 101 Reasons to Buy This Book donated by Gamerchord
312. 101 Things To Do With Fuzzy Bunnies donated by Gamerchord
313. Scale from one of Takhisis' heads donated by Gamerchord
314. Bupu's laundry donated by Gamerchord
315. Deluxe Fuxxy Bunny of Fuzzy Bunnying donated by Gamerchord
316. Elemental Backscratcher of DOOM donated by Gamerchord
317. Autographed poster of Tas and Flint donated by Gamerchord
318. Spellbook donated by Kender Spellbook of Mage-Pissing-Offing
319. Plush toy chihuahua that says when you push his paw: Yo Querio Taco Bell donated by Zippy Burrfoot
320. Book entitled: Pouches for Dummies - For people that don't understand Kenders donated by Zippy Burrfoot
321. Book titled: Iron Monkey Golems, The Making and Maintenance of; By Tza’Kzim; Insane Gnomish-Technocrat extraordinaire donated by Illithidbix
322. A deck of adult playing card: The kender edition donated by Falcorin Lockwood
323. A Potion of Hair Growth donated by Falcorin Lockwood
324. False Teeth of Biting +1 donated by Falcorin Lockwood
325. A journal entitled "What I found in a mage's sock drawer" donated by Falcorin Lockwood
326. Dust Bunny of the Apocalypse donated by Falcorin Lockwood
327. Sword of Grass Cutting donated by Falcorin Lockwood
328. Rogue's Ring ( Bonus Feat: Skill Focus - Pick Pocket; Skill Bonus +5 Pick Lock ) donated by Aaron Brown
329. Scroll of Melf's Acid Arrow donated by Aaron Brown
330. Fire Opal donated by Aaron Brown
331. Ring of Greater Planar Binding ( Single Charge / Day ) donated by Aaron Brown
332. Iron Rations donated by Aaron Brown
333. Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds donated by Aaron Brown
334. Feather of a Goatsucker Bird donated by Aaron Brown
335. Empty Dwarven Spirits Bottle donated by Aaron Brown
336. Gold Ring ( Bright 20m Yellow Light ) donated by Aaron Brown
337. Bounceback Wand donated by gorzil
338. Axe Handle donated by David Tasslehoff
339. Dried Inkwell donated by David Tasslehoff
340. Candle Nubbin donated by David Tasslehoff
341. Map to the dungeon under an outhouse donated by David Tasslehoff
342. Crumpled piece of paper that reads "Do Not Bend, Fold, Crease, or Tear this paper in any way!!!" donated by Easelthisle Furfang
343. "World of Insults" volume 11 donated by waterloo
344. Letter to Kit from Tanis donated by Easelthisle Furfang
345. Small evil looking grey gem donated by Easelthisle Furfang
346. Small well carved wooden dagger donated by Easelthisle Furfang
347. Jar of instant mud (really dirt - just add water) donated by Easelthisle Furfang
348. Gnomish candle that explodes if you light it donated by Easelthisle Furfang
349. Smallslipofpaperthathasgnomishwritingalloverit donated by Easelthisle Furfang
350. Small statue of a gold dragon donated by Easelthisle Furfang
351. Kender bumpersticker that reads "Honk if you dropped something!" donated by Kazzelhoff Bluemane
352. Rock shaped like the head of a dragon donated by Lima Dorsalbene
353. Blueprint for a flying citadel writen in Gnomish donated by Lima Dorsalbene
354. Bottle of invisible ink (contains water) donated by Lima Dorsalbene
355. Map of Kendermore showing where buried treasure is hidden donated by Lima Dorsalbene
356. Anti-Kender Gnomish ring that makes you either automatically walk away from kender or grab your purse when one is around donated by Mayakit Burrfoot
357. Hair from the tail of the Forestmaster donated by kender loremaster
358. Small golden dragon statue with ruby eyes donated by kender loremaster
359. Draconian scale donated by kender loremaster
360. Map of Ansalon on a Valenwood leaf. donated by kender loremaster
361. Small cylinder hair clip decorated in dimonds donated by Magical Kender Top-Knot Clip
362. Sculptor's clay donated by Corynna Skylark
363. Number 2 scratched on a loose piece of parchment donated by Corynna Skylark
364. 3d6 amethyst marbles donated by Corynna Skylark
365. Piece of lint-covered toffee donated by Corynna Skylark
366. Bottle of algae-infested water donated by Corynna Skylark
367. Pocket sundial donated by Corynna Skylark
368. Small steel medallion donated by Corynna Skylark
369. Garter donated by Corynna Skylark
370. 2d4 Copper pieces donated by Corynna Skylark
371. Unused lyre strings donated by Corynna Skylark
372. Small conch shell donated by Corynna Skylark
373. Bronze holy symbol of Gilean donated by Corynna Skylark
374. Colored beads donated by Corynna Skylark
375. First-aid bandages donated by Corynna Skylark
376. Links from a piece of ring mail donated by Corynna Skylark
377. Tiny cracked mirror donated by Corynna Skylark
378. Bag of smooth pebbles donated by Corynna Skylark
379. Whetstone donated by Corynna Skylark
380. Cracked vial donated by Corynna Skylark
381. Piece of stained glass donated by Corynna Skylark
382. Small music box that plays an old Elven lullaby donated by Corynna Skylark
383. Handfull of clothespins donated by Corynna Skylark
384. Pincushion full of pins donated by Corynna Skylark
385. Dead daisy donated by Corynna Skylark
386. Compass without a needle donated by Corynna Skylark
387. Perfectly normal and usable dagger donated by Corynna Skylark
388. Woolen sock donated by Lord God Jinnai
389. Jigsaw puzzle piece donated by Lord God Jinnai
390. +2 Vampiric Stick of Bonking donated by Pinchflinch Hotfoot
391. Small piece of drift wood donated by mamamia
392. Crystal Prism that controls the Nimblewright (Golem) I broke to obtain. donated by Blee Wilystrider Of Hylo
393. A Bent Silver Arrowhead donated by David Tasslehoff
394. A Broken Chain link (2" long) donated by David Tasslehoff
395. Gnome in bag of holding donated by BaggiRyu
396. 2000 page essay on the morality of invading Silvanesti. Written in Minotaur. donated by Orvil Trapjumper
397. +5 Fork of Spagetti slaying! donated by Orvil Trapjumper
398. A book, the cover of which reads, "1,000 ways to anger a Minotaur" by Bovine Bulltaunter. donated by Orvil Trapjumper
399. Lethal Sword of Life ( Whne you slash someone with it they die but are instantaneously brought bhack by the sword's strange powers. ) donated by Talis Underhill
400. A small tooth from a troll that makes people fight voices in their head when you chant, "Ooga bazooi!" at them. donated by Talis Underhill
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