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Cute Kender by Liu Yanqing

An adorable kender child, looking somewhat spritely, with her hoopak displayed behind her and the green feather(no doubt of a particularly forestal type of Goatsucker bird) as an extra attachment. I didn't get time to ask her name, but she sure did look cheerful as she..went off with my whistle.. hey! Get back here!

Chelsary by Liu Yanqing

One particularly more serious portrait of the kender practitioner of the Art, Chelsary Winterberry. A reknowned wizardress of the Red Robes, she's often spoken of with high esteem(and low mutterings whenever she manages to find her way to Conclave meetings). In her hand is a rather styly wand of magic missiles, strangely reminding me of a hoopak..bah, kender mages. =)

Rats (B&W) by Liu Yanqing

A cute lil drawing, strangely reminding of the white mage of Final Fantasy. Ah well. It'd be, of course, some kender girl with her hoopak steadfast in hand, wearing that wonderful white cloak. The title to this one would be odd, has a really short story. After asking Y.Q. for a real title for the drawing, she said she couldn't think of one, I said 'Rats', and she thought that'd work good. Poo on you, Y.Q.

Rats by Liu Yanqing

gasp!! It's been introduced to the world of colour! Oh my! The kender child there's still nameless, but at least she looks good. Wearing a tunic too large for her, perhaps, and suddenly some magnificent blue backdrop appeared behind her. Quite nice.

Kenthing by Liu Yanqing

You can never go wrong with a massive hoopak in hand, that's for sure. I wouldn't ever want to meet her in a dark alleyway in Kendermore, well, that's if I were able to find my way through the alleyway itself! A dangerous weapon in hand and with a bright, big smile on her face, here's a mischief-maker to be wary of.

Kender Mage by Liu Yanqing

Once again we're graced(or is it cursed?) with the presence of Chelsary Winterberry, dressed in her usual red robes. Arcane symbols are sewn across her garb, with her familiar hovering nearby. In hand would be her everpresent wand of magic missiles/hoopak, but that's that.

Chelsary's Biography

Dawn by Liu Yanqing

What's she all happy about? Must be the natural kender aura of glee, but then again, I'm thinking that cuddly little animal in her hands has something to do with it. ;) This would be Dawn, another of the infinite kender roaming Ansalon and anywhere else they can get themselves to.

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