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Tearfire Starglow by Liu Yanqing

Another work, of the many, done by Yanqing there. This is a portrait done of Tearfire Starglow, an afflicted kender ranger hailing from Southern Ergoth. It displays his red burning eyes and almost blonde hair rather well.

Tearfire Starglow (b&w) by Liu Yanqing

The first penciled version of Yanqing's afflicted kender drawing, it looks good 'nuff so far I'd think. With the addition of colour this pic ends up looking pretty fantastic.

Cookie Kender by Liu Yanqing

This drawing done by Y.Q., features the cookie kender with a wispy reminder in the background. It's of no kender in particular, a simple sketch drawn by her, then coloured later on. Good work!

Ath Portrait by Liu Yanqing

As the winds and mists blew around her, birthed from that was a wondrous sight. Sparkling dust of the faeries showered the air and brought light onto the dark path, with a luminescence all its own. It was something one might see when with elves, pixies, sprites, or any other fair folk of the wood..

Ath by Liu Yanqing

Seated in the grass, somewhere near Kipper's Place no doubt, would be Atheral and her companion kitten, Moonstone. Moon would be the little piece of black fur by her legs, just to note. She's quite the glutton, but charming in her own way, which still baffles myself as to why Ath keeps her chubby kitty around for the travels she's often on.

Chalis Thisstleknot by Liu Yanqing

Yes, Thissleknot, would be the right spelling for this particular kender. Set upon the table behind her would be the silver cup, Chalis' Chalice! Original name, no? On her left hand would be a Freddy Krueger style glove, while in her right is one rather styly golden shod hoopak. And I'm pretty sure with hair like that, many kender gentleman will be wanting to woo her, as well. ;)

Atheral Moonshine by Liu Yanqing

The cave was dank and cold, not a sound echoed through its shadowy surroundings save a constant dripping of water from an unknown source. She stood up, a smooth and well-crafted wooden flute clutched tightly in her right hand as she moved toward him.

"You made this for me," she said as she held it out for him to take, a single tear rolling down her cheek. There was a certain catch in her voice, "a-and I'm giving it back... I only hope that someday, I'll be able to hold it once more and feel the sense of comfort it gave me when I first held it in my hands." With that, she knelt down before him and gently placed the instrument at his feet, "farewell, Tearfire. May it not be our last..."

She quickly got up, too quickly, twisting to her feet with the agility of a cat and left, disappearing down a dark passageway without glancing back even once. She did not wish to see the shocked and grief-stricken expression that passed across his face.

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