Kender Art by John Lickteig

Please note: All rights reserved. These pictures are copyright by Xtian Ayuni and may not be used or copied without the artist's express permission.

Jubilie Ambermoon by John Lickteig

Enjoying a spring afternoon with her pal (Squibbles.. the mouse) and waiting on a fairy friend that doesn't seem to be home. Ohhh- well. Nothing wrong with relaxing in the shade for a bit, as long as you're with friends that is. Just don't blink. This diminuitive lass won't stay still for long, but then, what kender worth there salt does?

Goldenmane by John Lickteig

Just a small pic of the little city kender, Goldmane, in a rush. It seems she's always bound for someplace new.

Dannniellia Gaterunner by John Lickteig

You had mentioned something about a kender-paladin? I happen to know one. Her name is Dannniellia Gaterunner. She watches over a Mountian pass and keeps the way safe for all travelers and passers by. She dislikes the heavier Metal armors of men and dwarves as they all seem to hamper her ability to move and stay hidden. She wears a thin shirt of golden ithellnar chain under her finer clothes for protection Taking her Choppik in hand, she takes her job as serriously as any young Kender with a resalve of steal and a tongue as sharp as any blade.

Pangol by John Lickteig

This is a picture of the Barbarian Kender "Pangol". He is a Winter Wolf Rider and has bonded with early on. The blade that He uses as a sword is made of black meteoric iron, cold forged by Ice Trolls and highly resistant to the riggors of the frozen land he calls His home. With His chozen female at his feet, There is little else this nomad of the icy north needs..

The Friends by John Lickteig

Here is a picture of azuremane (the kender) and her friend (the elven spelldancer) Alliandria, on the road just outside a favored pub. Being friends and adventuring together now for quite some time, The two of them have found that their seperate skills compliment each others well upon the roads or in caves below. They make quite the team.

Lanthu Danglevine and Shak by John Lickteig

This one is Lanthu Danglevine. A Ranger/Scout and His friend shak (the Lizard) resting befor starting their travels again. Along side is a peom he's thinking on..

Simber Wisperingsong by John Lickteig

Simber Wisperingsong is a curious little thing,always poking about and getting herself into all sorts of interesting situations. She gets her name from the fact that she loves to sing and is usually humming one song or another to herself. The only one that seems to enjoy her constant trilling is Laylo, as it seems that Simber..without her whippik to sing along to..coulden't carry a tune if she packed it away in one of her own pouches! With the strumming of her Magical Whippik Simbers trilling becomes the sweetest of songs and a joy to listen to. If you ask her she may tell you the story of the Master elven bard that crafted the weapon for her after hearing her singing just once.....

Laylo by John Lickteig

Laylo was not his given name.He seems to have forgotten that one.He dosn't carry a last one usually but makes one up on occation. A bit of a travler,more so then most even,he seems to have the ability to open or manipulate existing planiar gates (Using INTUIT DIRECTION to sense the gate's ending point..SCRY to actually "see" what is directly on the other side of the gate..and USE MAGIC DEVICE to actually opperate the gate"DC 20"adding his KNOWLAGE(Planes)rank to the roll. These abilities have taken him to many a new and strange place and he never tires of seeing more.

Tantan Shadowvine by John Lickteig

His name is Tantan Shadowvine. This one I just inked and layed on a color to bring out the sharper detail. He is one of the few Kender that has found a place for himself as a fighter, with his greater dexterity and small size he wrecks havock on a crowded battlefield or within the close confines of a ruined castle.

Sabel Goldenmane by John Lickteig

A bit more cosmopolitan then your average wondering adventuring handler, she grew up in Waterdeep and has made quiet a name for herself. She carries a sized down rapier. Around her neck is an amulet of protection and nodetection, and at her hip is a beltpouch of holding. Sabel enjoys the grand city life. Always adventer to be had in the streets and never a dull moment.

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