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Anime Tasslehoff by Jennifer Lindgren
Dragonlance Anime, Anyone? As the preceding graphic would suggest, I feel the American version of a DL movie is a bad idea, for many, many reasons. Most of them surround the concepts of art and handling of the story (yeah, the two most important things.) Here, then, are some reasons:
1)The art. I admit, I've been spoiled by watching as much anime as I do, but my point still stands. If one wants a halfway decent representation of fantasy characters, one does not go to the company that made Eke! The Cat.
2) Character handling. This goes partially with the general point of "the art." But, more specifically, the characters themselves, probably would not be scripted the way they should be, simply because of the restrictions most American companies put on the stories.
3) The plot. Think about it. Have you ever seen a well-rendered fight scene in American animation? I haven't.
4) The Japanese like this stuff anyway.

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