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Pandora Fujisawa by Allison Young
Pandora was abandoned (accidently) as a child, when her forgetful mother saw something really awsome and shiny off in the distance, and wandered off after it. She was found by kind yak herders (whom she got her last name from), and raised by elves (who obviously gave her very good fashion sense). All that was found with her was a tiny, harmless looking box (hence her name). The box turned out to be a small-gateway between planes. With a little practice she learned how to use it in order to plane-shift, and she now uses to travel all over the place, never staying in one spot too long. (note: to all kender who i know would give their tounges and top-knots for this, sorry the box seems to only work for Pandora, for all others it operates as a +2 shoe box)

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