Abyssal Hound by TheGreatCasp0
Large Beast (Fire)
Hit Dice: 11d10+22 (82 hp)
Initiative: +1 (+1 Dex)
Speed: 40 ft.,fly 60 ft.,(perfect)
AC: 12 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +2 natural)
Attacks: Claw +9 melee, bite +4 melee, gore +4 melee
Damage: Claw 1d6+3, bite 1d8+1, gore 1d8+1
Face/Reach: 5 ft. by 5 ft./10 ft.
Special Attacks: Breath weapon, frightful presence, improved grab
Special Qualities: Blind sight, damage reduction, regeneration, sunlight vulnerability
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +2
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 8, Cha 6
Skills: Hide +6, Intimidate +8, Jump +8, Listen +4, Spot +9
Feats: Weapon Finesse

Environment: Any land,desert,mountains,underground
Organization: Solitary, Pair, Hunting Party (2-5), Pack (5-20), Herd (20-40), Horde (40-60), or Tribe (60+)
Challenge Rating: 5
Treasure: Double Standard
Alignment: Always chaotic evil
Advancement: 12-22 HD (Large); 23-33 HD (Huge)

A horrific beast of cruel intent, almost dog-like in appearance with a few exceptions. Large bat-like wings, ivory horns, and flaming eyes, and claws are amongst these.

Powerfull beasts, usualy red or black in color, they are primarily found in the abyss although they have been used as guardians of mages, being fiercely loyal to whomever gates them from their abyssal home, unlike most demonic creatures. They often eat anything from rodents to large mamals and even humanoids, if they can catch them. Their pack structure is a very rigid heirarchy, depending upon age, as they never grow old, only big. But loners are common, either removed from a pack by force or occasionaly by will, they usualy don't live long on their own due to the fact that their horns are prized by almost any form of demon in ornamental use.

They will fight in a pact, usualy, by sending a few of their better warriors after the prey chasing the victim into the rest of the part which lay in wait, by tackling their prey to the ground they will rake their claws over the enemy and gore them with their downswept horns. They have the ability to breath a ray of negative energy every 1d4 rounds which takes 1d4 levels off of their target. Their bodies are aflame, thus any unarmed attacks made against them deals fire damage to the person. Because of their dark nature, if they are exposed to sunlight they lose their concentration, are blinded, and flee immediately.

Beasts have low-light vision and darkvision with a range of 60 feet.

Breath Weapon (Su) The Abyssal Hound can breath a 20' ray of Negative Energy which will remove 1d4 levels from the target if a succesfull save is not made. This can be used every 1d4 rounds. The DC is 15. Ref.
Frightful Presence (Ex)Abyssal Hounds are so frightening and brutal in appearance that any who lay their eyes upon them shall flee in terror if a save is not made. The save is 15, Will.
Improved Grab (Ex) The beasts claws are specialized in snatching their prey, thus allowing them this ability.
Blind Sight (Ex)Having lived most of their lives in darkness they are in tuned with the air around them and can fight without needing their vision.
Damage Reduction (Su)Their skin is like leather, allowing them to

They usualy keep close knit packs, hunting and lounging together. They are fiercely territorial and will attack anything that enters the area, even their own kind if they are not apart of the pack. Loners do happen, although they do not live long. On occasions hell hounds will join the pack of Abyssal hounds and serve lesser positions, such as guarding the cubs and capturing prey, as the Abyssal hounds are quite lazy when they can be.

This creature has been play tested.
This is not a kender type creature.


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