3E Kender Racial Stats by Iris Quericaenicopia

  • +2 Dex, -2 Wis, -2 Int Kender are quick & dextrous and although *sometimes* perceptive, they are generally not very wise and are witty but are not bookworms.
  • Size small (spd 20 ft)
  • Immune to fear and fear effects
  • Weapon Proficiency (dagger or hoopak)
  • Weapon Proficiency (sling, dart, or shuriken)
  • +2 Listen, +2 Spot Kender have keen senses
  • Able to use Pick Pocket and Open Lock untrained
  • Able to use Perform(taunt) untrained (see below)
  • -2 Will save to resist "checking something out" or "borrowing" something. Kender have an intense curiosity
  • Kender - favored class - Rogue "handler"
  • Taunt: A Bestow Curse or cursing!! (if -6 to ability, then only Str, Dex, Int, or Wis; may use one of the other 2 effects instead)
    At close range (25 ft + 5 ft/ 2 levels in Perform(taunt)) Target directs its attacks against the taunter

    Taunting is a full round action(can 5 ft step) usable 1/day; lasts 2d4 + Cha mod Will save for 1/2 duration & effects DC is Perform(taunt) check [Bluff 5 is +2 synergy bonus] or as a Standard Action (still counts as use) for 1/2 effects & duration (Will save negates) Taunting can be split up among a group as long as the effects do not exceed the effects on one person

    e.g. A kender taunts for -6 Dex for 5 rounds one person = -6 Dex, 5 rnds; or... three people at once = -2 Dex, 5 rnds; or... five people at once = -6 Dex, 1 rnd; or... fifteen people at once = -2 Dex, 1 rnd and all fifteen are mad at the kender!!

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